7 Easy & Fun Ideas to Bring the Winter Season Into Your Classroom!

Winter classroom activities for all ages.

Trying to find some fun winter classroom activities? Sometimes it’s hard to keep the attention of students as the holidays approach and when they return from vacation. There are some hands on activities I have used in the past that never disappoint! Read more about them below.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Most kids love snow! Whether you live where snow falls or not, you can have some fun snow-themed activities ready for winter! These always seem to be kids favorite winter classroom acivities.

One super fun activity is to have a “snowball” fight! Wad up paper to look like snowballs and let the kids toss them around. Make this educational by having younger students write sentences on the paper. When they throw their snowball, the person who finds it has to read the sentence. For older grades, students can write math problems or “get to know you” questions on them for a fun morning meeting idea!

Another fun snow activity is creating fake snow. You will need baking soda, hair conditioner (use white), and a bowl for mixing. Mix 3 cups baking soda with 1/2 cup conditioner until it is firm. When you can form snowballs with your hands, you know it is ready. It will even feel cool when you touch it. Store the remaining snow in a Ziploc bag for another day.

Winter activities to the classroom.

If you want something that promotes writing, you can do a snowman writing craft. You can incorporate writing for preschool students all the way to 4th grade using blank writing templates. This is a great time to read a book about snow or snowmen and use some of the winter writing templates and crafts below.

Winter activities to the classroom.

Incorporate Winter Read-Alouds & Meaningful Winter Activities

Winter has some pretty fun read alouds you can incorporate into your winter classroom activities. Every grade level loves a fun story! Check out some of my favorites.

Fun winter activites and books!

The first story on my list is Sneezy the Snowman! This story is a fun way to explain why snowmen might wear a hat and gloves. The silly snowman keeps trying to warm himself up, but melts. Luckily, the children are nice enough to lend a hand. You can read this sweet story about friendship and then complete the snowman writing craft.

Winter activities for the classroom.

Penguins, Penguins Everywhere is a wonderful story to show children that all living things differ, just like humans. The story shows all types of adorable penguins and their personalities. Students will love reading this colorful and exciting story and then completing the penguin writing craft.

Winter activities for the classroom.

Next up is The Mitten! This is a classic and must-read story. The pages are filled with hidden little stories that foreshadow what’s to come. We like to use the small images to predict what might happen next. Use this beautifully illustrated tale to get students excited for winter. Then, they can complete the mitten writing craft.

Winter activities for the classroom.

Finally, we have It’s Winter! (Celebrate the Seasons!). This story is perfect for those young ages who are still discovering the different seasons and what comes with them. The book discusses animals, clothing, weather and even emotions that come with the change of each season. We like to complete the mug writing craft after reading this book.

Winter activities for the classroom.

Have an Ugly Sweater Party! 

The kids love showing off their ugly sweaters during the winter! We bring out the holiday ones in December, but these crafts are the perfect winter classroom activities for the cold months. Students can customize the sweaters with their own sweet faces. They will love seeing them displayed on the bulletin board. You will love seeing how proud they are of their work.

Winter classroom activities and crafts.

Print the templates onto colored cardstock or white paper. The kids can decorate their sweaters any way they want using markers, crayons, stickers, decals and any other craft materials you may have!

Winter classroom activities and crafts.

Remember, if these are meant to be ugly sweaters, the uglier the better! Take a look at how amazing this winter bulletin board kit is!

Winter classroom activities and crafts.

Send Home Fun Winter Newsletters!

Send the fun of winter home with your students using themed newsletter! If you don’t want to bother creating your own, you can use my pre-made editable templates to share what’s happening in your classroom this winter. Add vocabulary words, standards, reminders, contact information and more. Parents will enjoy seeing what their kids are working on and the fun themes make them more inviting!

Winter activiites for kids

I have a growing bundle of winter crafts and writing prompts you can use in the classroom and at home! Right now there are the penguin, snowman, mug and mitten! Keep your eyes peeled for more!

winter writing crafts

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I hope you enjoy these winter themed activities with your kiddos! I’d love to hear how you use them in the classroom. Leave a comment below!

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Winter classroom activities for all ages.
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