9 Summer Bulletin Board Ideas to End the Year Strong

Summer bulletin board ideas

As the school year winds down and the temperature rises, it’s time to bid farewell to pencils and textbooks and say hello to sunshine and sandcastles. But before we trade in our lesson plans for beach towels, there’s one cherished tradition that we teachers hold dear: the summer bulletin board. If you want fun summer bulletin board ideas, this post is for you!

Summer bulletin board ideas

As a teacher, I’ve seen the excitement build as the end of the school year approaches. The classroom buzzes with chatter about summer plans and adventures. But among the excitement, there’s always a hint of bittersweet nostalgia. It’s when we reflect on our students’ growth and milestones throughout the year, from mastering the alphabet to counting to 100 and beyond.

Let’s embrace the spirit of summer and celebrate our journey together. And what better way to kick off the season of sunshine than with a dazzling summer bulletin board that captures the imagination of our young learners?

Here is a compilation of summer bulletin board ideas you will love using in your classroom this year!

Surfin’ Into Summer

This Summer Bulletin Board features the smiling faces of your students. Let each child decorate a paper surfboard and attach their printed face. Surf into summer with a smile and share some memories from the year!

Summer bulletin board ideas - surfin into summer
Surf into summer with this adorable bulletin board decor.

End the Year with a BANG!

Make a bulletin board that’s not only interactive but exciting for students of all ages. Blow up balloons and tape or pin them to the board to aid in your fun countdown before vacation! Let each student take a turn popping the balloons in the morning. Source: CraftyMorning

Summer bulletin board ideas - balloons
Countdown the days with some fun! It might get a little loud, but they will love it!

Pop Into Summer

Pop into summer with this adorable Popcorn Writing Activity. Invite students to write about their summer plans or favorite parts of the school year. The variety of writing prompts and lines makes the options endless!

Pop into summer - summer bulletin board ideas
Kids will love popping into summer with this display.

It’s the Final Countdown

Countdown to summer with this bright and colorful End of Year Bulletin Board! The little countdown helps students visualize how many days are left until summer vacation. Everyone who walks past will be humming the tune by Europe!

Summer bulletin board ideas - countdown
Who can resist this amazing song and summer display?

This Year Flew By

Create a memorable bulletin board by cutting out little kites from construction paper. Invite students to write their favorite memories from the year on their kites. Add a header that says, “This Year Flew By, But We Remember…”! Source: SupplyMe

Summer bulletin board ideas - kites
Kids will enjoy reminiscing about the year with this fun activity.

Bucket List Bulletin

Give each student a Bucket List Craft to complete. They can write their dreams and aspirations on the buckets and share what they hope to do in the summer months. In the months before the break, they display their creations on the bulletin board.

Summer bulletin board ideas - bucket lists
Kids will love making their bucket lists before the year is up.

Little Rays of Sunshine

Using yellow construction paper, create a giant sun with student names on the rays. Give each student a strip of paper and have them write their name. If you want to make it more challenging, have them write a sentence about something they are excited about this summer. Source: SupplyMe

Summer bulletin board ideas - sunsine
This ray of sunshine is the perfect summer bulletin board idea.

Summer Door Decor

If you don’t want to mess with your bulletin board, try this Summer Door Decor Kit. Use the lettering to create your header and the backpacks to include all students. The door deck is a cute way to identify your classroom at the end of the year!

Summer bulletin board ideas - door deck
This Summer Door Decor kit is a great way to end the year (or start a new one).

Peace Out!

Say Peace Out to the classroom with this fun Bulletin Board Display! It’s not only groovy but simple to put up. All of the pieces you need to decorate your board are included.

Summer bulletin board ideas - peace out!
Peace out to this year! Make it fun with this display.

Summer Classroom Decor Bundle

Decorate your whole room for the end of the year with this End of Year Bundle. Use the newsletters to communicate with parents in the last few weeks. Display the posters and bulletin board decor to get kids excited for the end of the year. Utilize the slides during centers and transitions. The bundle is a ton of fun for all grade levels.

Summer bulletin board ideas - bundle
The summer bulletin board bundle is easy to decorate without too much thought.

I hope some of these ideas strike a chord with you and help you end your year with a bang! There’s no wrong way to decorate the room as the year ends; have fun!

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Summer bulletin board ideas
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