4 Tips for Cleaning the Classroom That Are Sure to Make Life Easy

4 Tips for cleaning the classroom the easy way.

Let me show you that cleaning the classroom doesn’t have to be a chore—no pun intended! There are simple ways to involve your students so there is minimal stress, and the classroom is always organized and ready for learning.

Cleaning the classroom ideas for teachers

I want you to picture this: After a full day of learning, the classroom is in disarray. Do you worry? No! Why? Your students are about to help tackle the mess, and everything will be in tip-top shape in less than ten minutes!

Repeat after me: “My Students can do most of this. I will not do all of this on my own.” Let’s empower students to take charge of their learning environment.

So here’s what we do: We break cleaning the classroom down into manageable tasks and designate certain “chores” for certain times of the day, week, month, or year! Not following? Let me explain!

Small Daily Tasks

The first thing you will want to incorporate into your cleaning is daily tasks. These are items that can be done daily and will quickly become part of students’ daily routines. With consistency, they won’t have to be asked; they will just get done!

  • Tidy Desks: Ask your students to tidy their areas after each subject or during transitions. Over time, they will get in the habit of tucking away their pencils and crayons once an activity is done.
  • Clear Trash: Make it a goal to put trash in the bin as soon as students finish it. If they notice trash on the floor near them, encourage them to toss it away.
  • Wipe Boards: Whether you or a student does this task, make it a point to wipe the boards daily. Of course, you can leave anything that is used in recurring days.
  • Sweep Floor: To avoid gross build-up on the floor, sweep them daily. This will also help with any crumbs or bits of trash. If a school cleaner comes daily, you may not need to bother with this.
  • Organize Supplies: Students can easily become disorganized with all of their supplies. From the start, show them how to properly store pencils, crayons, markers, glue, etc., so they don’t get out of hand. This includes you! Organize your tools using a Teacher Toolbox and Labels.
Use a Teacher Toolbox and Labels when cleaning the classroom to stay on top of the mess.
Use a Teacher Toolbox and Labels to stay on top of the mess while cleaning the classroom.

Weekly Tasks

Once you have tackled the daily tasks, it’s time to focus on the weekly tasks. Some of these might be more for the teacher, but kids can easily help, so they gain a sense of responsibility! Try adding some of the items to the job chart.

  • Desk Cleanup: I mentioned tidying the desk area, but this is more thorough. This involves emptying any random tidbits that are no longer needed. Students should go through their papers and tools to toss anything they don’t need or replace broken pencils and objects.
  • Restock Supplies: Help students restock their pencils, crayons, and glue while simultaneously restocking any of your supplies. This could include dry-erase markers, paper, glue, and sticky notes.
  • Dust Surfaces: Use a dust cloth to wipe down screens, shelves, counters, and books. A nightly cleaner may do some of this, but they most likely won’t touch your items, so be sure to get those.
  • Sanitize Areas: Choose one day a week to sanitize desktops, counters, and tables. This will prevent germs from spreading in the classroom. Use chemical-free solutions so students can assist.
  • Organize Storage: I’m a sucker for tossing all of my items in a stack. Make it a weekly task to put those items where they belong so things don’t get out of hand. Use Classroom Bin Labels to help with organization.
While cleaning the classroom, add fun Bin Labels to stay organized.
While cleaning the classroom, add fun Bin Labels to stay organized.

Once a Month

Since the classroom is a shared ownership of space, ask students to help with these monthly tasks. They will most likely get excited to offer ideas and lend a hand.

  • Deep Clean: Scrub down anything that gets incredibly dirty or dusty. Bring cleaning materials or plenty of paper towels so students can help wipe tables, chairs, floors, doors, and more.
  • Rotate Materials: Pull down your manipulatives and center bins to rotate things for new seasons, new months, and new experiences. Create a certain day of the month (every first Monday or every first Friday) to rotate objects so you never forget.
  • Evaluate Layout: Let’s be honest; students get squirrelly. A few times a year, give them a change of scenery by moving the library to a new spot or rearranging the desks so they get new table partners.
  • Maintain Equipment: If your equipment isn’t working properly or running slowly, get tech support once a month. Make note of anything that needs assistance.
  • Library Check: Look through your books to dispose of or fix any ruined books. Organize them if needed or add new titles. Make sure relevant books are available for research and to contribute to lessons. Add Classroom Book Bin Labels if needed to keep things organized.
Organize your library with Book Labels to keep things clean and tidy.
Organize your library with Book Labels to keep things clean and tidy.

Once a School Year

Each year deserves a full classroom makeover. These tips focus on redoing and improving the room!

  • Supply Inventory: Before the new year, take inventory of your erasers, pencils, markers, tissues, paper, etc. This will help you decide what you need more for the new school year.
  • Super Deep Clean: Now is the time to move and clean every item in the room. Get in the cracks and crevices to remove dust bunnies, gunk, and germs.
  • Organize Materials: Materials can lose their place throughout the year. Use the year’s beginning or end to ensure everything has a place. This helps keep everything in order all year long.
  • Classroom Overhaul: The beginning or end of the year is the perfect time to redo Classroom Decor or themes! Give it a fresh start for new students, or let the class on the way out help with the theme for the next set of students.
My Classroom Decor Bundles help you stay organized and contribute while cleaning the classroom each year.
My Classroom Decor Bundles help you stay organized and contribute while cleaning the classroom each year.

I hope your room will shine by breaking tasks up like this and including students. Without as much to worry about daily, the stress will leave your body. Besides, this will foster classroom community and teach students to take care of the items they use!

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4 Tips for cleaning the classroom the easy way.
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