Finally! Classroom Decor For Teachers That Makes Everyone Happy

Classroom decor for teachers everyone loves.

A new school year means new classroom decor for seasoned teachers and a fresh canvas for new teachers. Regardless of how many years you have been in the classroom, I have some simple ideas for making classroom decor for teachers. Using these tips will help when it comes to adding more throughout the year, and there are color options that are easy on the eyes! Keep reading to find the classroom decor style that works best for you.

Classroom decor for teachers everyone loves.

Setting up a new classroom or deciding on decor can be overwhelming. It’s difficult to figure out where to start and ensure things don’t clash! The tips below will certainly help!

Use a Classroom Decor Kit

A classroom decor kit makes it easy to add all necessary elements and keep everything matching. There were years I would teach and have a zillion different themes going on. It would make my head spin. If you’re like me and you like everything to be cohesive and blend, a decor kit will achieve that goal.

Each of my classroom decor for teachers offers over 3,000 pages of classroom decor options. You will find open-house printables, classroom posters, calendar pieces, drawer cart labels, toolbox kits, library book bin labels, binder covers, door decor, and more.

Boho Rainbow Decor Kit

The Boho Rainbow Decor Kit is a great choice for teachers who want a soft, gentle feel for the classroom. The colors are nice and muted, allowing teachers to add decor or posters that pop as needed. The neutral tones match many different colors and are easy on the eyes.

Classroom decor for teachers everyone loves.
Use the Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Kit for a nice, calm option!

Retro Classroom Decor

The Retro Classroom Decor Kit has slightly brighter colors and a nice retro vibe if you want a brighter classroom. The colors are great for elementary school, and the fonts are extremely groovy, which makes learning fun!

Classroom decor for teachers everyone loves.
This Retro Classroom Decor for teachers is so much fun!

Varsity Patch Groovy & Bright Decor

The Varsity Patch Groovy & Bright Decor Kit will add nice pops of color and texture to your walls. The groovy theme adds some happiness to the classroom, even in winter. Use bits and pieces of this decor set to complement some muted ones!

Classroom decor for teachers everyone loves.
Kids and teachers will enjoy this Groovy & Bright Classroom Decor Set.

Rainbow Sunshine Classroom Decor for Teachers

The Rainbow Sunshine Kit is one of my favorites. Everyone loves a good rainbow, and the colors in this kit are classics. The colors aren’t too vibrant, and additional posters can be added to draw the eye. It’s a timeless kit you can use every year.

Classroom decor for teachers!
Use the Rainbow Sunshine Classroom Decor for teachers and kids of all ages.

Boho Desert Classroom Decor

The Boho Desert Classroom Decor Kit has lots of browns and soft pinks, making the classroom nice and cozy. This kit is a great base kit for the classroom! You can add brighter pops of color with different posters and calendars throughout the year.

Boho Desert Classroom Decor
The Boho Desert Kit is nice for kids of all ages and has nice cool colors.

Calm Pastel Decor Kit

The Calm Pastel Decor Kit has nice soft pinks and blues for the classroom. The color palette in this kit is extremely inviting for all students and is perfect for an elementary classroom. Use it as a nice backdrop to your classroom.

Classroom decor for teachers everyone loves.
Add the Calm Pastel Decor to your classroom for a nice combination of colors.

Hey Lisa! Bright & Happy Kit

The Hey Lisa! Bright & Happy Kit is exactly what it says: bright and happy! Lisa Frank’s art materials inspired it, so you will love this kit if you are a fan! It also incorporates some animal prints for added fun!

Classroom decor for teachers everyone loves.
The Hey Lisa! Kit has tons of great colors and a splash of animal print.

Pastel Floral Classroom Decor for Teachers

The Pastel Floral Kit is another favorite because of its simplicity of design. Its soft colors create a sense of calm in the room. You can add more color or elements to liven things up or keep them neutral!

Fun Floral Classroom Decor
Kids will enjoy this Pastel Floral Classroom Decor!

Choose a Color Palette

If you don’t want to use a decor kit, choose a color palette to stick to. This will allow you to pull bits and pieces from different sets or shops while making everything mesh well. Decide whether you want bold, bright, or soft, muted colors, and select posters and labels based on those criteria.

My shop has bright, muted, pastel, calm, and primary colors! There’s a little bit of something for everyone!

I hope that adding one of these classroom decor kits to your classroom will help set up a nice atmosphere for the school year! Starting with a base of colors or a full kit will both result in success! You’re an amazing teacher, so don’t forget it!

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Classroom decor for teachers everyone loves.
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