5 Reasons Why Using Voice-Level Posters Is One of My Favorite Classroom Management Strategies

Classroom management strategies to help all teachers.

Elementary classrooms can get a bit loud sometimes, especially when students enjoy themselves and get along with their peers. Teachers may sometimes find it difficult to keep their students calm and focused. If this sounds like you, you may benefit from voice-level posters in the classroom. Voice-level posters are some of my favorite classroom management strategies, and I’ll share why below!

Classroom management strategies to help the teachers of the world.

Imagine you are wrapping up a lesson, and it’s time to send the kids off to their centers. They will rush off with excited laughter and shouting without structure and proper classroom management strategies. To avoid this, there are strategies and tools to implement that will save your sanity and allow students to focus better.

From day one, try teaching students to use voice-level posters to monitor their own voices and show respect to one another.

Then, all you have to do is say “Voice level 2” so they know how to speak in a lower voice with their partners.

Wouldn’t you always like classroom management to be that simple? Let me explain why I love voice-level posters so much!

Classroom management strategies and voice level posters that work wonders.
Use the voice-level posters to monitor noise and set them up in an easy-to-see place.

What are Voice Level Posters?

Voice-level posters are invaluable tools in educational settings. They offer clear visual cues to guide students in regulating their speaking volume. These posters typically show different voice levels, ranging from silent to outdoor voice. Beside each level are fun illustrations or descriptions to help students. A visual reminder helps create a quiet learning environment by promoting appropriate noise levels for various activities. Voice-level posters empower students to self-monitor their volume while fostering respect and improving concentration.

Classroom management strategies and voice level posters that work.
The Rainbow Sunshine voice-level posters are simple to use and not too bright.

5 Reasons Voice-Level Posters Are Amazing

Voice-level posters are amazing for classroom management, but here are five great reasons for you!

Set Clear Expectations

Voice-level posters provide specific guidelines for students regarding appropriate noise levels for different activities. Students can easily understand and follow the expected volume for various classroom tasks by visually representing each level.

Promote Self-Regulation

These posters empower students to self-regulate their speaking volume. Once the posters are implemented, students will recognize when their noise level is out of hand and adjust accordingly. Once the posters are implemented, you often see them reminding one another or adjusting without reminders.

Classroom management strategies and voice level posters that engage.
Help students visualize their noise with this printable chart!

Consistent Behavior Management

Voice-level posters offer a consistent approach to managing classroom behavior. Teachers can consistently refer to these posters when reminding students about noise levels, leading to a more orderly and predictable learning environment. When the noise gets too much, simply give a brief reminder, and students will be back on track.

Encourage Respect for Others

Voice-level posters promote respect for others by encouraging students to modulate their voices based on the activity. Students learn to be mindful of how their actions affect their classmates’ ability to concentrate, fostering empathy and consideration for their peers.

Classroom management strategies and voice level posters that calm kids.
Kids and teachers will love the Boho Rainbow voice-level posters!

Improve Focus and Engagement

Maintaining appropriate noise levels enhances focus and engagement during learning activities. When the classroom environment allows students to concentrate, students are better able to absorb information, participate actively, and achieve academic success.

It’s always nice to have structure in the classroom. Besides having rules and routines, having expectations regarding noise level is nice. Voice-level posters provide great guidelines for students to follow and create a calm atmosphere.

Classroom management strategies and voice level posters that excite.
These Groovy Bright voice-level posters are game changers regarding classroom management.

I hope these voice-level posters help with classroom management strategies as you settle into teaching or revamp your teaching style. Happy teaching!

Here are all of my Voice-Level Posters for easy access!

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Classroom management strategies to help all teachers.
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