Amazon Teacher Must-Haves

If you are like me, you are constantly searching for the best tools to use in your classroom to make things run more smoothly and easily. I have put together some of my favorite teacher must-haves that you can find on Amazon. Bonus — they are all quite affordable!

My Favorite Amazon Classroom Must-Haves
  1. Wireless Doorbell – I use this jewel in so many different ways. I keep the chime part plugged in at all times. This one is great because it doesn’t use batteries. You just need power. I put the door bell button in a small anti-bac holder from Bath & Body Works, and it hangs from my teacher lanyard. Whenever I want to get the students’ attention, change centers, or alert them in any way, I simply click my doorbell! This is at the top of my must-haves list!
  2. Magnetic Organizer – Shh.. this is actually a spice rack! I use small cups I got from the Dollar Tree, and I place them inside the rack. It holds my makers, pens, pointers, and anything else I may need for my guided reading groups. The hooks are great for hanging anything you can imagine. Let me tell ya, the magnet is STRONG. This baby is not falling!
  3. Wireless Presenter – The last few years, I have been using this wireless presenter in my classroom. I often times use Powerpoint to move my lesson along. I list the targets, success criteria, entry ticket, and even use it for review and direction instruction. This took allows me to walk around the room and “click” the slides while talking and explaining things. I can also click back and forth. You can get pretty creative with Powerpoint. It is easy to set up too!
  4. Dry-Erase Marker Organizer – Sometimes I get real into teaching.. like REAL into it ya’ll. The kids are engaged, they are learning, and I am on my teaching “A game!” There is no better feeling! But.. you know what can’t be worse? Grabbing your dry erase marker in the middle of your glorious teaching moment only to discover it doesn’t work! That is why I added this to my list. It keeps the markers organized and upside down, so the ink can always move to the top where you need it!
  5. Utility Cart with Wheels – I mean.. I feel like you can just look at this one and imagine all the fabulous ways you can use in your classroom! For mine, I organize my small groups materials. The wheels make it super easy to move around if I need to use it elsewhere.
  6. Plastic Pegboard – I had my husband mount my pegboard beside my desk. I also purchased little cups that hook on to it, and I keep my flair & Ink Joy pens in them. (Yes.. I can’t choose between which pen I like best, so I just use both. ha!) On the hooks, I keep tons of random items that I need to do, remember, or simply don’t know what else to do with! The shelf that comes with this is super cute, too. I bought a little succulent and placed on my shelf to add some decoration.

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Feeling inspired? I hope so! Feel free to reach out and ask questions about any of these items.

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