Easy Opinion Writing Prompts and 25 Fun Options for Fall

Easy opinion writing prompts kids love

When students start writing, they often begin with opinion pieces. Having fun opinion writing prompts that make putting pen to paper fun is essential to student success. What better time to try opinion writing than the fall when students are excited to share their thoughts. Continue reading to see how you can encourage students to write and try some FREE writing prompts the kids will go crazy for.

Easy opinion writing prompts

Display Opinion Writing Prompts on the Wall

Kids love seeing their hard work on the wall. A simple way of doing this is by creating a fun and adorable bulletin board display. Use some cute Fall Writing Craft Templates to make the classroom an exciting space.

These templates allow students to write their opinions on 3 different crafts: a pumpkin, an apple, and a sunflower! They are the perfect decoration for any month in the fall, and kids will enjoy practicing writing skills on them.

Use Fun Opinion Writing Prompts to Get Kids Thinking

Let me make your teaching life easier! Here’s a fun list of 25 opinion writing prompts you will enjoy using with your students! Get their creative juices flowing during the writing block.

  • Should we have a class pet? Why or why not?
  • What is your favorite season? Explain why.
  • Do you think homework is important? Share your thoughts.
  • Should kids be allowed to have their own cell phones? Why or why not?
  • What is the best subject in school? Explain why you think so.
  • Should we have recess every day? Give reasons for your answer.
  • What is the best way to celebrate your birthday? Share your ideas.
  • Should we have a school uniform? Explain your opinion.
  • What is the most important rule in the classroom? Tell me why you think so.
  • Should we have more field trips? Explain why they are important.
  • Do you think kids should have chores at home? Share your thoughts.
  • What is the best part about being a kid? Explain why you think so.
  • Should we have a longer summer vacation? Give reasons for your answer.

More Exciting Prompts

  • Should we have more art in school? Why or why not?
  • What is the best book you’ve ever read? Explain why you liked it.
  • Do you think animals should live in zoos? Share your opinion.
  • Should we have more recess time? Give reasons for your answer.
  • What is the best sport to play? Explain why you think so.
  • Do you think it’s important to eat healthy food? Tell me why you think so.
  • Should we have more technology in the classroom? Explain your opinion.
  • What is the best thing about your family? Share your thoughts.
  • Do you think it’s important to recycle? Explain why you think so.
  • Should we have a longer school day? Give reasons for your answer.
  • What is your favorite animal? Explain why you like it.
  • Should we have a class pet? Share your reasons for or against having one.

Present the Opinion Writing Prompts on Slides

Sometimes, telling the kids verbally what to write about isn’t enough. They need time to process and consider their options before writing. Instead of writing words in black and white ink on the whiteboard, try displaying the prompt on fun slides.

Try the Fall Slide Templates and see how much fun they can make the classroom atmosphere. These slides are user-friendly and allow you to customize the text. Display the day’s agenda, special notes, daily motivations, writing prompts, centers, and more. The kids will enjoy the fun images on each slide!

Easy opinion writing prompts - use fun slides
Use these fun slides to display your opinion writing prompts for the whole class to see.

Use an Opinion Writing OREO

Have you ever heard of an opinion writing OREO? This fun term is a simple way for students to remember what to include while they write. Here’s what it stands for:

O: Opinion – This is where students share how they feel about the prompt.

R: Reason – Students explain why they feel a certain way about the topic.

E: Explanation – Provide specific examples to back up the reasoning.

O: Opinion – Restate the opinion to close out the writing piece.

Keeping it simple with this OREO will make writing fun for students of all ages!

Have Fun Writing

The most important part of writing is remembering to have fun! Model writing with your students so they understand how it should be done. Don’t just model once, model multiple times so they can begin thinking on their own. Sharing our opinions through writing is a fun experience that kids will learn to enjoy! Have fun writing!

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Easy opinion writing prompts kids love
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