Fortnite in the Classroom

Do you often spy your kids conversing about the game Fortnite? Do you see the “floss” dance so much you may or may not have tried it yourself? Chances are, your kiddos are a little obsessed with the game Fortnite. There are many opinions on whether or not this game is appropriate for kids, so why not bring the controversy in your classroom. What a great time to educate your kids on the dangers of the game while allowing them to learn, create and support their opinions in a writing assignment.

Fortnite Unit Overview

Fortnite in the Classroom
Some of the vocabulary sheets we use

There are many components to how I bring Fortnite in to my third grade classroom. Here is an overview of the Fortnite Unit:

  • Students are given a “Fortnite Packet” that holds their resources for the unit. Then, they complete a vocabulary assignment on two different “Fortnite” informational texts.
  • They read each text and complete comprehension questions for each.
  • Students complete a graphic organizer that guides the students in comparing and contrasting the important points and key details of the two texts.
  • Students form their own opinion of whether or not Fortnite is appropriate for kids to play. They are guided through the writing process using multiple printable resources. They write an opinion paragraph or essay.
  • The teacher has the option of creating a super cute hallway display that includes cartoon characters doing the “floss dance.”

Comparing Two Informational Texts

Fortnite in the classroom
Text # 1

After the initial celebration from the students regarding getting to read about Fortnite, we dive in to the two texts. One of our third grade standards requires us to have students compare important points and key details in two informational texts on the same topic, so this topic is certainly a big hit in third grade!

Since it is important they understand some of the specific vocabulary, we first do a vocabulary study using a combination of semantic mapping and creating an illustration.

Next, the students read the first text that explains what Fornite is. After discussing, I have the students complete comprehension questions pertaining to main idea, text features, etc.. Then, students will do the same with a second text. This text presents different opinions on whether or not kids should actually be playing the game. Boy, do the discussions get interesting during this one!

Fortnite in the classroom
Text #2
Comparing Text Activity
Comparing Texts Activity

After we discuss the final text, students will use a graphic organizer that allows them to look closely at the different points the authors are trying to make in each text. They compare and contrast these along with the key details in the texts. There is also a short response where the students are asked to explain how the important points from each are different.

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Fortnite in the Classroom: Opinion Writing

fortnite in the classroom example
1 of the 3 Fortnite graphic organizers included
fortnite in the classroom

Eeek! My favorite part is the opinion writing. Students love this part too. They will chose their point of view regarding whether or not they think kids should be able to play Fortnite. We use a graphic organizer that helps them get their thoughts, reasons and examples in order. I also give them printable that help with creating a hook, transition words, revising and editing, etc… FInally, the students get to type their creations using google docs. I have created a direction sheet that guides them in this process as well. Once completed, they email the document to me, and I post comments and send back to them. Once the paper is finished, I print them, and we create a super cute bulletin display in the hall. In the resource I have created, I also included printable letters for the bulletin display, so you can simply print them and cut them out for your display!

Would you like to do this activity in your class?? I have included all of the resources mentioned above in an easy to download pdf that is available in my store. Click the link below to download this resource!

For a full list of resources included in the Fortnite Bundle, I encourage you to click the link below to preview the table of contents. You don’t want to miss this one!

*UPDATE — I had added a Google Slide version of this that is now included for free! This is great for distance learning!

fornite bulletin display


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