7 Ways to Make Your Classroom Cozy: Fun Ideas for a Bulletin Board

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I had a love-hate relationship with bulletin boards. I’m sure you can tell I love creating and putting them up, but sometimes, I struggle to figure out what to put up. Over time, I collected many different themes and styles to hang up throughout the year. I have multiple options, making it easier to pick one each month. If you’re looking for fun ideas for a bulletin board, this post is for you!

Try these fun ideas for a bulletin board this school year.

Create a Border Around Your Bulletin Board

We all know that butcher paper can be such a pain. Using bulletin borders is the easiest way to cover up mistakes made while cutting. Find bulletin borders at your local craft stores, teacher’s stores, or superstores.

If you don’t want to hunt for borders, try using the borders included in my bulletin board kits. They are created to match the themes of the boards and are easy to print and reuse each year. Choose from many options, and always have a set of borders to cover up the edges of your bulletin board.

Super cool ideas for a bulletin board
Add these adorable ideas for a bulletin board in the fall.

Add Fun Seasonal or Thematic Elements

Making the classroom fun involves decorating it for the changing seasons and approaching holidays. Adding a fun theme to your bulletin board display can also make the classroom exciting. Changing the bulletin board display occasionally excites the kids for new lessons I’m about to roll out.

When seasons change, it calls for an extra splash of color on the walls. Change, whether adding more artwork, writing pieces, or new bulletin borders, is always good. Even if you have a theme you want to stick to, you can still swap some things around to freshen them up occasionally.

Grab these fun ideas for a bulletin board
The fun colors are great ideas for a bulletin board any time of year.

Display Student Work to Foster Community

All kids love seeing their artwork up on the walls! With any bulletin board you curate, proudly display student work. They put plenty up throughout the year, whether it’s some of their writing pieces, a seasonal craft, or their smiling faces.

Why is classroom community so important?

Many students come from homes where their faces are seen on the walls, and their artwork is proudly displayed. However, many students come from homes that do not show off their work. Your classroom should be a safe space for students to showcase their creativity and smile. Use writing and crafts to your advantage.

Fun ornament ideas for bulletin board
Kids will love these cute ornament ideas for a holiday bulletin board.

Use Bold Lettering to Make Things Pop

No one wants a dull bulletin board! Using fun fonts and colorful letters will draw the eye. This is a valuable tool if you have a board you wish parents or other teachers to notice. Plus, students will enjoy having their work displayed next to fun lettering.

Find bulletin board letters at the store, use a die-cut machine to create your own, or use the lettering in any of my bulletin board kits! They are unique and come with each letter you need to make an adorable saying.

A fun gratitude bulletin board ideas
Add gratitude to your ideas for a bulletin board!

Post Your Class Newsletters

Many teachers have multiple bulletin boards. Some are for student work, and others are for important information. If you have a space to display schedules and other essential documents, post your newsletters as well. Newsletters are a fun way to let students, staff, and parents know about changing subjects and what’s happening in the classroom.

Be sure to check out all of my newsletter templates. There’s a little of something for every month of the year! Add some color to the notes going home to families.

Fun ideas for a bulletin board - newsletters
Use newsletters as a fun idea for a bulletin board!

Have the Bulletin Board Match Your Theme

It’s unnecessary to match every piece of decor in the classroom, but doing so is tons of fun! It makes everything feel cohesive and put together.

If you love matching every decorated piece in the classroom, I have some great ideas for a bulletin board! I have created many classroom decor bundles, including labeling materials, bulletin board displays, newsletters, and so much more!

Exciting ideas for a bulletin board - full bundle
Ideas for a bulletin board include a full classroom full of decor!

Invite Students to Help Create the Board

Another way to make the most excellent bulletin board ever is to let your students help with creating the board. Whether you already have bulletin board ideas or invite kids to brainstorm, they will love being part of the process.

Once you have the bulletin board pieces ready, let the kids assist with taping or stapling the materials on the corkboard. You could even have a classroom job where a student or two create the board each month. How fun!

Winter ideas for a bulletin board
These winter ideas for a bulletin board will make the classroom so much fun.

Fun Ideas for a Bulletin Board Go a Long Way

Bulletin boards aren’t necessary to make a classroom function, but they add a positive aspect to the environment. Without a bulletin board, the room wouldn’t be as cheerful. It’s our job as teachers to make students feel welcome, and you’re doing a fantastic job! Have fun using colorful ideas for a bulletin board to liven up the room.

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Don’t forget to check out all of the ideas for a bulletin board in the post above! My site is full of bulletin board kits for different seasons and holidays and giant decor packs you will surely fall in love with.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you have a fantastic year! Continue being the excellent teacher you already are! Those kids admire you and love everything you do for them.

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a photo of a peace love fall bulletin board as the feature image for the ideas for a bulletin board blog post
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