Yes!! You Can Create a Fun Snowman Bulletin Board With An Amazing Purpose!

snowman bulletin board with amazing purpose pin

During the winter, the sky can be overcast and it doesn’t seem quite as sunny. Teachers are always searching for a little bit of warmth to add to their classrooms to make their students smile. It can be hard to find an activity or a bulletin board display that serves a purpose. I have a fun snowman bulletin board printable that kids will love creating, fosters classroom community, and looks great on the wall! 

Snowman bulletin board with an amazing purpose

Use Bulletin Boards to Build Community

Sure, bulletin board displays are insanely cute and kids and teachers love looking at them, but they can serve more than one purpose. While it’s important to most teachers for them to be aesthetically pleasing, the work behind the display means more. I love using a craft or activity that showcases student work and shows off their smiling faces. 

By allowing students to help with the creation of the bulletin board, they feel a sense of pride. Some students may come from homes where not many pictures are up on the walls. Your classroom may be one of the few places where they get to see their work displayed. Plus, students will enjoy working on the same task together and getting creative while chatting. As each student contributes their unique snowman to the board, they feel a sense of ownership and pride in their collective creation. This collaborative effort cultivates a feeling of togetherness and unity among students, making them feel like they’re part of something larger than themselves. 

snowman bulletin board craft with kid faces
Adding these cute faces to your snowman bulletin board will make everyone smile.

Add the Snowman Bulletin Board to a Writing Piece

If you teach expository writing, try using the snowman bulletin board kit to supplement some fun writing. Let students write out the steps to build a snowman and then display their writing with the simple craft. 

The snowman bulletin board also pairs nicely with a narrative piece about a day in the snow. Kids can write about their favorite activities to do in the snow or about their most recent snow day. With the completed craft and writing piece, you have a cute display. 

Add the craft to a research piece. Let kids research the history of the snowman and other facts about snowmen. They might find some interesting tidbits and the craft will just make the bulletin board that much more fun.

The craft is also great for opinion writing! Incorporate opinion writing about snow, snowmen, winter activities, and more. Let the kids share their ideas and persuade the readers using their writing and awesome creativity.

If you don’t want to use the snowman bulletin template, try the Snowman Writing Craft printables! These allow a writing piece to be hidden behind the snowman and they are super cute.

snowman bulletin board writing piece idea
Add this adorable writing piece to your snowman bulletin board!

Make Teaching Fun With a Snowman Bulletin Board

I know that halfway through the school year, things need a little refresh. With dreary weather and freezing cold temperatures, it can be hard to keep everyone happy when they enter the room. Switching up the bulletin boards with a cute activity is a great way to liven things up. 

If you have been following me for a while you know that my favorite part of teaching (besides the students) is the classroom decor. Having a space that makes students feel seen and heard is so important to their social and emotional development. A bulletin board like this Snowman Bulletin Board one is just the ticket. 

snowman bulletin board for winter
Try this fun snowman bulletin board in the classroom this winter.

I would love to hear how fellow teachers motivate their students during the winter and keep things interesting. 

More Winter Resources To Warm Up the Room

If you are looking for more winter bulletin board ideas, try this Winter Bulletin Board to get excited about sweater weather. Just like the snowman bulletin board, it allows students to get creative with their designs and add their own sweet faces. If you like the classroom community as much as I do, you’ll love this display.

snowman bulletin board sweater weather idea
Get ready for sweater weather with a fun snowman bulletin board like this one.

You will also love this Retro Snowman Bulletin Board. It’s a fun twist on the chilly weather and the classic snowman displays!

a retro snowman bulletin board idea
Want a fun snowman bulletin board that everyone will appreciate? Try this one!

You can even grab a FREE snowman template from the Freebie Vault below. Use it to make a 3D snowman craft on a day when the kids can’t go outside.

Your dedication to the students in your room is admirable! The world needs caring, attentive teachers like yourself! Continue bringing light into their lives with little activities that spark joy. Don’t underestimate the power a simple activity like this snowman bulletin board can hold in a child’s life.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram and enter your information below to gain access to the Freebie Vault. There are tons of resources you can use in the classroom. 

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snowman bulletin board with amazing purpose pin
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