March Bulletin Board Ideas That Nurture Students’ Sense of Belonging

St Patricks Day bulletin board example

March is such a fun time to celebrate with everyone in our classroom! I really enjoy creating a sense of community and belonging in the classroom using crafts and bulletin board activities like this March Bulletin Board Idea! Students enjoy completing the craft and seeing their smiling faces on the board. This month’s bulletin board is fun because it can be used alongside St. Patrick’s Day activities with your students. Celebrate your amazing classroom of students with this fun March bulletin board craft.

March bulletin board example

Read A Book Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

One of the best ways to start the month of March is to read the book, “How to Catch a Leprechaun” by Adam Wallace. Then, have students turn themselves into leprechauns with the St. Patrick’s Day Bulletin Board craft and build a leprechaun trap!

The leprechaun trap is a wonderful STEM activity because students can get as creative as they want. Either provide students with materials to build their traps in the classroom or create an assignment they need to do at home with their families. If you opt for the classroom, you can be sure to have popsicle sticks, tape, index cards, marshmallows, glitter, pom poms, glue, straws, plastic coins, etc….

A Fun Craft That Double as a March Bulletin Board Idea!

If the craft can’t double as a bulletin board display, is it really a craft? If you have used some of my other bulletin board crafts, you know that I love being able to put the students’ faces onto the activity. It makes it a little more personal!

This cute leprechaun is easy to print out and color. Students can use markers, colored pencils, or crayons to decorate their leprechaun’s body. Take a picture of each student and print it onto white or photo paper. Add their sweet, smiling face to the leprechaun and you’re done!


Furthermore, if you prefer not to take your students’ photos, there is an option you can complete that doesn’t require their picture.

St. Patrick’s Day Bulletin Board

When looking for fun March bulletin board ideas, consider this easy and fun craft. It will not only make a fun St. Patrick’s day bulletin board display, but students will get a kick out of seeing their faces up on the bulletin board.


This activity nurtures your students’ sense of belonging because they are fully involved in completing the craft, from snapping their photos to coloring and assembling their leprechaun. Once everything is complete, they get to see their hard work displayed for everyone to see. Staff, students, and occasional parents get to see their work, fostering their sense of classroom community.


For some students, the classroom is their only sense of family and belonging. Creating an atmosphere where they know they are welcomed and loved is so important to their developing brains.

The bulletin board kit comes with the craft pieces, printable bulletin border, lettering for the display, and St. Patrick’s Day images that you can arrange any way you would like.

Some Other St. Patrick’s Day Classroom Must-Haves

Some teachers may think that having a theme in the classroom, but I find that students look forward to the changing themes. It keeps things interesting and fun.

Did you know, one simple way to change up the atmosphere of the room each month is by using a Welcome Message for students when they walk into the classroom? This message might include a greeting, a joke, reminders for the day/week, and tasks for the day. Use these St. Patrick’s Day Powerpoint and Google Slides throughout the day to keep things fun.

St. Patrick’s Day Bulletin Board Ideas in the form of Google Slides!

When you think about it, we all use some form of groups for our classroom, so why not make them fun! These St. Patrick’s Day Google Slides come complete with timers so as soon as your students get started, a timer is running and managing your classroom so you don’t have to. The St. Patrick’s Day theme is perfect for March and kids will love it.

The March Themed Google Slides allow you to organize groups and set a timer with ease.

Finally, these March Themed Newsletters are the perfect way to keep parents informed at home. Their bright colors keep parents from missing them in their child’s backpack. The newsletters help parents and teachers communicate and solidify that classroom community. There are several, fun St. Patrick’s Day themes to choose from!

The St. Patrick’s Day newsletters allow you to communicate important dates, standards, vocabulary or sight words, contact information, and more.

I hope you enjoy using these fun March Bulletin board ideas and activities for the classroom! You can grab the March Bulletin Board activity from my site!

St Patrick's Day Bulletin Board Example Image

Grab this March Bulletin Board Kit from my site. If you like the March theme, be sure to check out the Growing Bulletin Board Bundle with activities for all sorts of holidays and seasons. The kits all come with community building crafts and bulletin board materials.

Bulletin board display bundle for all seasons

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St Patricks Day bulletin board example
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