Must Have Teacher Bags

must have teacher bag examples

If I said I always have the trendiest teacher bag around, I would be lying! The last one I had I believe I carried for 4 years. Ha! Needless to say, this year, it was time for me to make a purchase.

Here’s the thing though. I just don’t like spending money! Ya feel me? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Well, anyway.. my old faithful teacher bag did finally kick the bucket, so this led me on the search for the perfect teacher bag!

I found so many great options, I thought I would share them here.

must have teacher bag examples

My Teacher Bag Favorites

  1. MOTILE Commuter Backpack with 10,000 mAh Qi Certified Wireless Powerbank, Camel – This one is super trendy AND has a wireless Powerbank inside, so you have extra charge when you need it! It has space for a laptop and an ipad (husband — if you are reading this, I think I need an ipad!) This is the teacher bag I ended up buying, so I thought I would share it first. I also ordered this super cute tassel to compliment the backpack.
  2. Upsimples Multi-Function Bag – Yea.. okay.. so this is actually a diaper bag, but whatever. It has a usb charging port and plenty of room for a laptop! I came soo close to ordering this one! It is a bit less expensive than the one above, but in the end I chose the leather one. I also was going to pair this cute tassel to this backpack.
  3. Mancio Slim Vintage Backpack for Laptops – I love the look of this one paired with those tassels! It also has the usb charging port, and has 5 compartments to help you organize. This tassel would look so cute paired with it!
  4. Laptop-Bag-for-Women,15.6 Inch Professional Laptop-Bag – This bag is beautiful. It has stylish and professional written all over it! If you like this style of bag, I believe this one has everything you need. It is large enough to fit a laptop and has tons of pockets to help you stay organized!
  5. BROMEN Leather Laptop Bag for Women 15.6 inch – You will have to check out the listing on this one to see all that this bad boy can fit! I am really digging this color lately, so this is why this one made the list. Not to mention the size and its ability to carry all the things.
  6. TUMI VOYAGEUR MAUREN TOTE LILY INDIGO  I put this one on here because if I wasn’t on a budget, this is my dream bag! It is absolutely gorgeous and a very high quality bag. I’m a penny pincher, so this was out of the question, but maybe I can live vicariously through someone out there?

It took me a good month to finally find the perfect bag for me. The selection out there is so large! I hope these suggestions helped you find the perfect teacher bag for you.

Be sure to check out my favorite Amazon finds for the classroom my clicking here. I also have a list of some IKEA budget friendly must haves every teacher needs to know about you can find here!

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must have teacher bag examples
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