3 Ways to Stay Organized in the Classroom

Teacher Binder

As back to school time approaches, I find myself, once again, taking steps to become more organized in my classroom. It is important to me to have a structured, clean, organized environment. Things seems to run so much more smoothly when there is a place for everything, and everything has a place!  This is why I have decided to share my top 3 tips for creating and maintaining an organized classroom.

Tip #1: Get a Teacher Binder!

Teacher Binder

As teachers, we gather a bazillion papers throughout the year.  Something I noticed, however, is that most of these gems can easily be placed into categories. Since we can categorize them, we can organize them! This is why you need a place to keep the forms and papers that you use on a regular or even not so regular basis. I have downloaded some free teacher binders on TPT, but nothing really covered everything I needed.  Since I redid my theme this year, I decided to create my own.  In this binder, I have section covers, binder spines, and TONS of forms! You will be reading about forms in a minute.  If you would like to check this out and get one for your classroom, CLICK HERE!

Tip #2: Forms

I’m sure you have a million forms already, but I really want to focus on how to use these forms.  Previous, my forms were kept in a file cabinet where I would have to go digging around to find them. Then there were the ones that I never had copies of, so I would have to take the extra time to go to the copier.  I had to stop all that!  Now I keep the forms that I use the most right beside my desk. I keep multiple copies, so I never have to waste precious time running to the copier.  In the teacher binder download, you will see many useful forms.  This system is a life saver!

Keep copies of most used forms!









Tip #3: Label Everything

And I mean everything!  When I say, “There is a place for everything, and everything has a place” I mean it.  When things are labeled, you know where they are, and so do the students.  If you are looking for a quick way to create labels, download my product! I have 200 pre-made labels that cover almost everything. For the ones that aren’t covered, I have blank labels included, so you can  make your own! Trust me, you will love these.  They also match the “shiplap, shabby chic” teacher binder design! Click the image below to download your file.

I hope these tips brought some inspiration and ideas to you for your classroom.  Please let me know if you have any questions about the products mentioned, and I will be happy to assist!

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Teacher Binder
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