Let Students Know it’s Quiet Time With the Quiet Jar

How do you let your students know it is time to work quietly  There are so many wonderful classroom management techniques out there today that really work wonders.  I stumbled across this in another teachers classroom, and I just loved it. With a little creativity, I created what you see below.   

I bought a large jar from Walmart (around $6.00), some small decorative lights ($2.00), letter stickers ($1.97), and some ribbon ($1.97).  I put it all together and came up with what you see below.

An Easy, Visual Way to Set Expectations

When the light is off, this is an indiction to students that they are allowed to work together.  Once the light is switched on, students must work quietly, on their own, at their desks. If I see students getting chatty, allI have to do is point at the light, and they know exactly what I am saying. 

This can change to meet the needs of your classroom.  The reason I love it is because it is a constant indicator to students to be working on their own. They won’t need to raise their hands to ask because the indicator light will provide that information!!

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