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The Cutest Activity for Halloween That Includes a Bonus Bulletin Board!

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What kinds of activities do you do during October? I love to do plenty of spooky crafts and activities to get the kids in the spirit. We love to read silly stories, complete a craft and then make a show stopping bulletin board display out of our creations! This Halloween activity is one of my all-time favorites and I’m going to share how I use it!

Start Your Halloween Activity With a Read Aloud

There are so many ways you can use the Halloween Bulletin Board Kit. We love to start with a funny story. You can read the book, “There Was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Ghost,” then have students pretend they are ghosts who “swallow” something. They can draw what they swallow & write about it. “There was a first grader who swallowed a…”

For older grades, you can have them “turn themselves into ghosts” then have them write about what they would do during a normal day if they were ghosts.

The options are truly endless.

A halloween craft that all students will love!

Have Students Construct Their Ghost Activity

Putting this Halloween activity together is pretty simple. All you’ll need is a photo of each child and the ghost craft template. Cut out the ghost shape, the bowtie and the child’s face. Glue the child’s face on the circle where the ghost’s head would be. Then, attach the bowtie either on the ghost’s neck for a boy or on the child’s head for a girl. You can place the bowtie wherever you would like, but that’s usually how I do it!

Use this activity for halloween to get students excited about reading and classroom culture.

Once the Halloween Craft is Complete, Construct Your Halloween Bulletin Board

Putting up a bulletin board display can be tricky sometimes, so I’ve made it easier for you with this Activity for Halloween and bulletin board kit. The kit comes with everything you need to complete the bulletin board from directions to banners to bulletin border!

Here’s what is inside:

  • “Boo to you from our crew” printable letters (color & b&w;)
  • Decorative banner pennants;
  • 1 black and white student ghost activity template (student can color on their own;)
  • 3 styles of colorful student ghost activity templates with colored bow ties;
  • Bonus — 3 styles of printable bulletin border;
  • Teacher photo directions;
  • Student photo directions (you can project these for your students as they are working on their ghost activity;)
  • Invitation to our exclusive Facebook group, so you can get & share inspiration and tips! We’re here for you!
Fun bulletin board display activity for fall in the classroom.

A Quick & Easy Activity That Makes for a Great Display!

You can see how I complete the Halloween craft and put up the bulletin board display by watching this video! I always start with the middle letters and work my way out to make sure everything is lined up and even! Check it out!

Why I Love This Bulletin Board & Halloween Activity

I love a great bulletin board and I try to switch mine up monthly, if not more! Here are a few reasons I love this particular Halloween Activity bulletin board kit

  • It is easy & great for many ages! (My 3 year old did it with help, and I have even had principals purchase to use as staff bulletin board displays!)
  • It’s eye catching
  • Its fun!
  • I love Halloween
  • It creates a sense of community among the students
Simple activity for halloween that students will love with bonus bulletin board kit!

If you like this seasonal display, I have a growing bundle of bulletin board displays and student activities to go with them in my TpT store! You can find the bundle and the Halloween Bulletin Board Display below!

Bulletin board display bundle for all seasons
Halloween Bulletin Board

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Enjoy this fun bulletin board display and Happy Fall!!

A fun activity for halloween that every student will love!
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Stephanie Nash

I have been helping teachers organize, develop routines, and create inviting & beautiful classrooms since 2012!

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Hey y’all!  I’m Stephanie Nash.  I have been helping teachers organize, develop routines, and create inviting & beautiful classrooms since 2012!

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