Top 10 Practical Tips on Saving Time for Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade Teachers

Practical tips on saving time in the classroom

Hey there, outstanding educators! We know that your days are filled with joy, laughter, and a touch of chaos as you guide your little learners through their early educational adventures. We also understand that time is precious and can sometimes slip through your fingers like sand. Fear not, for we’ve gathered some practical tips on saving time in your bustling classrooms while keeping the magic alive.

Practical tips on saving time

Organize, Organize, Organize

One of the best tips on saving time is to use the organization to your benefit. When things are neat and tidy, it makes for less time searching around the room when you need something. Use some of the items below to stay on top of your organization.

  • Teacher Toolbox Organizers: Imagine having all your essential supplies neatly organized and easily accessible. That’s the magic of a teacher toolbox organizer! With clearly labeled compartments, you can quickly find the perfect crayon color or glue stick without a scavenger hunt.
Desk teacher toolbox for tips on saving time
Use a teacher toolbox to optimize these tips on saving time in the classroom.
  • Drawer Cart Labels: Drawer carts are like mini treasure troves, holding everything from art supplies to math manipulatives. Adding cute and clear labels to each drawer not only keeps things tidy but also helps you find what you need in a flash.
Drawer carts for tips on saving time
One of the top tips on saving time is to use organizational carts and drawers like this one!
  • Book Bins for Days: We all know the magic of storytime, but finding the right book can sometimes take longer than reading it! Organize your literary wonders with book bins labeled by genre, theme, or reading level. This way, you can pick the perfect tale in seconds.
Book bins for tips on saving time
Fancy book bin labels are super helpful when it comes to tips on saving time.

Routines, Jobs, and Schedules

Another great way to save time in the classroom is to make sure students are aware of all routines and procedures from the moment they walk in the door until they leave at the end of the day. Tips on saving time such as this will help both you and your students get through the day without wasted time.

  • Classroom Schedules: A well-planned day is like a well-orchestrated symphony. Create a visual classroom schedule easy for your little learners to follow. Not only will this save you from repeating “What’s next?” a million times, but it also adds a dash of predictability to your day.
Post schedule for tips on saving time
Another one of my favorite tips on saving time is to display a schedule for the kids to see.
  • Morning Routines: Mornings can set the tone for the entire day, so streamline your morning routine. Set up stations where students can hang their backpacks, place homework, and grab any materials they need, fostering independence and minimizing chaos.
Morning greeting for tips on saving time
Provide a morning greeting! This is one of those tips on saving time that kids love!
  • Clear Learning Objectives: Spell out your lesson’s learning objectives clearly. When students understand what they’re working toward, they’re more engaged, and you’ll spend less time managing questions about the “why” and “what.”
  • Student Helpers: Harness the magic of student helpers. Assign tasks like line leader, door holder, or pencil monitor. Not only does this give students a sense of responsibility, but it also frees up their time for more important matters.
Class jobs for tips on saving time
Need tips on saving time that kids can get involved in? Try these class jobs!

Transitions, Grouping, and Assessments

We all know transitioning from one task to the next can be tasking, especially when students don’t know what’s happening next. Make sure they know what’s going on with these helpful tips on saving time!

  • Grouping Techniques: Use different methods to group students for activities. Whether it’s colored popsicle sticks, animal buddies, or numbered cards, having a quick and easy grouping system saves you from hearing “Can I be with my friend?” on repeat.
  • Transition Tricks: Transitions can be a time sink, so have a few tricks up your sleeve. Play a short song, use a countdown timer, or have a class mascot lead the way to the next activity. Try these fun slide timers with editable slides! How easy is that??
Slide timers for tips on saving time
These slides are perfect tips on saving time because they count down themselves and they are editable!
  • Streamlined Assessments: Simplify your assessment process. Use rubrics that are easy to understand and score, and consider using digital tools for grading where possible.

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Remember, your dedication and hard work are the true magic that lights up your classrooms. By implementing these time-saving tips, you’ll have even more moments to create cherished memories with your students.

Wishing you joyful teaching and time well saved!

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Practical tips on saving time in the classroom
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