A Retro Twist on Fall Classroom Door Decor with 50+ Resources

Fall classroom door decor with a twist

Fall and winter can be somewhat dreary times of the year. The sun still shines, but the clouds cover the sky a little more, and the time change makes part of the day darker than normal. To chase away the chilly blues, use retro fall classroom door decor! The bright colors and vibrant images will make the outside atmosphere feel less heavy.

Check out the fun Hey! Lisa Bright & Happy Classroom Decor Set and everything it has to offer for your students.

Fall classroom door decor

What is the Hey! Lisa Bright & Happy Decor Set?

If you are an 80s or 90s baby, you remember the Lisa Frank binders, pencils, erasers, notebooks, and every other school supplies. The bright and colorful prints and animals made every child happy. I still love them to this day. I was inspired to create something that brought back a little nostalgia for the teachers and provided a smile for the kids.

The Hey! Lisa Bright & Happy Bundle comes with tons of math and literacy posters and resources to use in the elementary classroom. Here’s a little of what is included in the 50+ resources.

Classroom Decor for All Ages

Whether you are looking for fall classroom door decor or academic posters, there are tons to choose from in this bundle. Before the new school year starts, decorate and add some color to the walls.

Fall classroom door decor full of color
Adding fun fall classroom door decor means sprucing up all areas of the classroom.

Organizational Tools for Teachers

Not only are there fall classroom door decor options, but there are also organizational labels and printables for every surface imaginable. I love staying organized and labels like these are always so helpful!

Fall classroom door decor to bring the nostalgia
Don’t just boost your fall classroom door decor, add pizazz to your bins and binders.

Math Posters as Decor

Teachers know that the key to success is having a variety of teaching methods for students. For those students who are visual learners, these posters are a must! Use them to teach during the whole group lesson and then stick them to the walls for later reference.

Fall classroom door decor for back to school
Jazz up your fall classroom door decor and walls!

Door Decor in the Form of Literacy Posters

The literacy posters are incredibly effective in helping students with their ELA and writing skills. The colors of the Hey! Lisa set are vibrant but not so vibrant that they distract from the overall purpose of each resource! Kids will love referencing these pieces of decor as they learn.

Fall classroom door decor for the lisa frank lovers
Make writing fun with these fall classroom door decor ideas.

Tie Classroom Management into Fall Classroom Door Decor

Not only can you add a splash of color to your fall classroom door decor, you can add it around the room as you teach students to be part of a well-oiled community! The posters below help students with the noise level, friendship, routine, and more.

Picking your fall classroom door decor will be a ton of fun when you add a splash of color with the Hey! Lisa Classroom Decor Bundle. With over 50 resources and posters to choose from, you’ll have everything from student binders to monthly bulletin boards covered. Grab the bundle and have fun decorating this school year.

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Fall classroom door decor with a twist
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