27 Awesome Ideas to Help Celebrate the 100th Day of School in Your Classroom!

100th day of school project.

The 100th day of school can be such a fun celebration! I love explaining to students that they are 100 days smarter and it’s only going to get better. While I keep things educational, I love to incorporate a fun and memorable 100th-day project for the kids to remember as they get older. From crafts to decorations, we like to keep things light and fun.

100th day of school project.

Read A Book Celebrating the 100th Day of School

One of the best ways to start your 100th day of school celebration is to read a fun story that all the kids will love. The 100th Day of School by Angela Shelf Medearis gets students excited to start a 100th-day project and be proud that they are 100 days smarter.

You can purchase this book HERE.

Have a 100th Day of School Celebration!

Throwing a 100th day of school celebration can lead to a super exciting day! Here are some of my favorite products on Amazon you can use to throw a fun 100th Day of School Party.

Old Lady Attire: Dress the part of a 100 year old lady and invite your students to do the same. You’ll have kids walking in the door with suspenders, baby powder in their hair, makeup wrinkles and fun glasses!

100 Glasses: You can pass these fun glasses out to get the party started!

Decorate your space with these fun 100th Day Banners and 100th Day Balloons.

100th Day Stickers: Give each student a sticker as they enter the room. HERE is another sticker option.

100th Day Crown: Let them parade around the school and playground with these fun crowns!

100th Day Fun Pack: This pack comes with many different celebration items including certificates, glasses, coloring pages and pencils.

100 Wrappers: These black and white 100 wrappers are great for birthday parties but would also help in decorating a classroom for the 100th day. You can label their pencil cups, water bottles, and other classroom items.

Back in 1922: Use this poster to tell students what life was like 100 years ago. They will enjoy hearing about the past!

100th day of school ideas for the classroom.
Here are just some of the 100th Day of School items you can find.

Download This Free 100th Day Decor Pack!

I have created this ready to print 100th Day of School Decor pack you can use in your classroom if you wish!

100th day of school project.
Studets can take a picture with this sign to show that they are 100 days smarter.


  1. “Happy 100 Days” Banner
  2. “100 Days Smarter” Banner
  3. Table tents
  4. Photo poster
  5. Star cutouts
100th day of school project.
These 100th Day of School Banners are perfect to decorate the hallways, doorways or classroom walls.
100th day of school project.
Use these table tents to decorate your classroom on the 100th Day of School.

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Do a Fun 100th Day Celebration Craft

If you know me, you know I love doing crafts with my students. These 100th Day projects are awesome to put together, but they are also really funny to read for the younger students.

Students color and decorate their craft templates and then piece them together with their chosen writing prompt. The prompts range from pre-k dotted lines to blank templates. Students can fill in statements about themselves when they are 100 years old, write Happy 100th day or 100 days smarter. Decorate the craft with cotton balls or other materials to make white or grey hair and display on your bulletin boards. You can find the 100th Day of School Crafts here.

100th day of school project.
Choose the 100th Day of School prompt that suits your students best.
100th day of school craft.
Students can fill in their 100th Day of School project with facts about themselves.
100th day of school project.
The kids will love sharing their 100th day of school project with classmates and family.

Here Are Some Other Project Ideas You Can Use:

I found a large list of ideas on scholastic.com and here are some of my favorites!

1. Look at a map to find what is 100 miles north, south, east, and west of your school.

2. What was happening 100 years ago: Who was President? What were some new inventions?

3. String necklaces with 100 beads or Cheerios.

4. Calculate what year it will be when you turn 100 years old.

5. Find the names of two cities in every state, to add up to 100 cities.

6. Sing “100 Bottles of Pop on the Wall” all the way through!

7. Do 100 hops or 100 jumping jacks.

8. Measure a stack of 100 pennies.

9. What would you do with $100?

10. Close your eyes and open them when you think 100 seconds have passed. How close were you?

11. Measure a string of 100 paper clips.

12. Make a list of 100 fun things to eat!

13. Ask students how they spent the last 100 hours. See if they can break up the time to tell how much they spent eating, sleeping, doing homework, etc.

14. Have students create artwork using 100 objects. (beads, buttons, pom poms, cotton balls, etc…)

100th day of school craft example
Grab the 100th Day of School Writing Craft here.

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100th day of school project.
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