5 Fun Winter Classroom Must-Haves From The Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree can be a teacher’s best friend! We’re all on a tight budget and if you really use your imagination, you can turn anything there into a classroom tool. Take a trip to Dollar Tree and you’ll find almost everything you need for great winter classroom ideas. From styrofoam cups to cotton balls, Dollar Tree has it all.

A Winter Review Activity Using Styrofoam Balls

One of my fun winter classroom ideas is to use styrofoam balls from the Dollar Tree. Pair these styrofoam balls (aka snowballs) with some buckets to create a snowball review game! Provide review questions and if the student (or team of students) gets it correct, they get to try to make a point by throwing the snowball in the bucket or bowl!

Winter Classroom Ideas
Styrofoam snowball bucket game that’s a must-have addition to your winter classroom ideas this year.

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Use Cotton Balls as Fun Winter Manipulatives

Do you have a collection of fun manipulatives to use during centers? You might have mini erasers or laminated pieces the students enjoy using. Cotton balls are another cheap and simple manipulative you can add to your collection. Use cotton balls for a variety of activities during the winter months. Pretend they are snowballs as students solve math problems or use them as game piece markers.

Winter Classroom Ideas
Cotton balls as manipulatives are one of many winter classroom ideas that can be found at the Dollar Tree

Guarantee Fun With 2-Ingredient Snow!

Students love making their own snow! This is a fun winter classroom idea that will have kids talking for weeks to come. All you need is baking soda and shampoo (or conditioner). The mixture is a great tool to have for sensory bins, review centers, science, rewards, and more. CLICK HERE for instructions on how to make the fake snow!

Winter activities to the classroom.
Add making your own snow out of household items to your winter classroom ideas this year.

Styrofoam Cups Make For An Easy Winter Craft

Another one of my fun winter classroom ideas is to make a styrofoam cup snowman. You can get dozens at the Dollar Tree for cheap. Decorate the cup any way you like or print the FREE snowman template from the Freebie Vault here.

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Winter Classroom Ideas
Make a cute styrofoam cup snowman in the classroom this winter.

You can use these winter classroom ideas in conjunction with your favorite snow and snowman read-aloud books. Incorporating a fun story before an activity is always a hit and results in more motivation. Here are some of my favorite winter books!

Winter Classroom Ideas
Six fun winter stories to add to your winter classroom collection.

Some Other Fun Winter Classroom Ideas

I like to have a winter classroom ideas ready for every week of the month. I incorporate a winter theme into our classroom decor and daily activities.

You can use this Snowman Bulletin Board Kit to welcome students back after the holiday break. They will love putting their own smiling face on a snowman’s body and displaying it for the whole school to see. Pair it with one of the read alouds mentioned above for an unforgettable craft.

Winter Classroom Ideas

Students will also love the craftivity included in the Winter Bulletin Board Craft Kit. For this craft, students put their faces onto sweaters they decorate. Each of these kits comes with everything you see in the images, including printable bulletin border.

Winter Classroom Ideas

You can get students writing and using their fine motor skills with the four crafts included in the Winter Writing Craft Bundle. Students can write facts, opinions, or short stories using a mitten, hot cocoa, penguin, and snowman. The final writing piece and craft make adorable bulletin board displays for the winter months.

Winter Classroom Ideas

Themed Winter Classroom Templates

One of the final winter classroom ideas is a collection of 100 + Editable Winter Slides that you can use in the classroom. Use them to welcome students back to the classroom. Display them on the board to introduce new centers. Post the agenda for each day or type up a fun joke for students to read. The kids will love the winter themes displayed each day.

Winter Classroom Ideas

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Hey y’all!  I’m Stephanie Nash.  I have been helping teachers organize, develop routines, and create inviting & beautiful classrooms since 2012!

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