3 Simple Ways to Use Boho Classroom Decor Themes with a Daisy Twist

Boho Daisy Classroom decor themes

Classroom decor themes can often clash and make the atmosphere a bit messy. A collection of decorations with a consistent theme can save your sanity and make the room comfortable and cozy. I’ll show you some of the easiest ways to use a decor bundle with a theme, this time using my Boho Daisy Classroom Decor!

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Have you ever walked into another teacher’s classroom and fallen in love with their decor theme? You aspire to create a classroom with classy themes but don’t know where to start. My Classroom Decor Bundles take the hard work off your plate.

The bundles will save time and energy when setting up your classroom or redecorating. Let me share 5 simple ways that cohesive classroom decor themes can save the day.

Keep the Classroom Organized

Organization is key in every corner of the room! Use fun daisy classroom decor themes to organize your never-ending stack of papers. Instead of seeing them out on your desk, tuck them away in beautifully decorated drawers! Sort items that need to be filed, copied, and graded.

Classroom Decor Themes - filing labels
Use classroom decor themes to label your personal files.

Add some organization to your little classroom library using adorable Boho Daisy Book Bin Labels. These labels come in various colors and shapes and can be adhered to plastic bins. Easily label them with numbers or your personalized text so students can find books quickly.

Classroom Decor Themes - book bin labels
Use the classroom decor themes with a daisy twist to decorate library book bins.

If you are obsessed with drawer cart organizers like I am, you must add this decor piece to your classroom. The muted colors of the letters add peace and calm to the room while simultaneously organizing your daily lesson plans and tasks.

Classroom Decor Themes - 12 drawer cart
The 12-drawer cart also needs to match the classroom decor themes!

The same goes for your 10-drawer cart organizer! The blush pink and the giant daisies make decorating the room fun! Use the drawers to organize daily lesson plans, sub plans, and items to be copied, graded, and filed, or use them to hold student math and literacy centers.

Classroom Decor Themes - 10 drawer cart
Classroom Decor can extend to every organizational aspect.

The Boho Daisy Bundle has many printables to help you organize your teaching life. There are binder labels, bin labels, teacher toolbox labels, desk name plates, drawer labels, labels for sharp pencils, and much more.

Decorate Any Bulletin Board

A cohesive border will improve everything, whether you are displaying writing pieces, artwork, or kindness posters. Use the printable borders and additional pieces from the Boho Daisy Bulletin Board Kits to make your displays pop!

Classroom Decor Themes - flower border
Use cohesive classroom decor themes to outline all bulletin boards.

There are three borders to choose from, so you can match your personal aesthetic and switch things up throughout the year or from year to year!

Classroom Decor Themes - bulletin board border
The variety in the classroom decor themes allows for personalization!

Decorating your bulletin board has never been easier with the Boho Daisy Classroom Decor Bundle. When something rips or fades, print another set. No need to run out to the store to find a matching piece.

Labeling Helps Students

Print them their data binder to help students feel even more involved in the classroom. They will admire that their schoolwork matches the decor in the room.

Classroom Decor Themes - student binder
This addition to the classroom decor theme makes students feel connected.

When students need to leave the room for any reason, send them with a hall pass that reflects the classroom decor themes. Other teachers and faculty will easily recognize where they belong simply by the pass they hold.

Classroom Decor Themes - hall passes
Even hall passes can add to the classroom decor you use.

Creating this Boho Daisy Classroom Decor Bundle was so much fun. I hope you and your students enjoy the printable pieces as much as I do. There’s a little of something for everyone inside, and each time I make a bundle, they get larger and larger!

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Boho Daisy Classroom decor themes
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