A List of 17 Musts for Back to School – Including Classroom Expectations

Classroom expectations and musts for back-to-school - pin

When back-to-school time comes around, make sure you are prepared. A lot is going on during this time, and it’s easy to lose track of documents and forget what is important. Make classroom expectations a priority and have activities ready to acclimate students without a hiccup.

Classroom expectations and musts for back-to-school

I know back-to-school time can be chaotic, and it’s hard to keep track of everything on your to-do list, but there are ways to make life easier.

Imagine a world where you already have everything laid out, and students recognize the classroom expectations each day when they walk into the room. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

This post will highlight some of the must-haves before the new year begins to make your teaching life easier.

Must Do’s for the First Few Days of School

During the first few days of school, some tasks are more important than others for laying the foundation for success.

Set Clear Classroom Expectations

Setting clear classroom expectations is key. I cannot emphasize this enough! Things will quickly turn chaotic if students don’t know what is expected of them. Lay out the expectations from day one, and add more as the year progresses if needed. Use the Boho-Rainbow Rules Posters to help!

classroom expectations - boho rainbow rules
Display classroom expectations using fun posters and printables.

Keep a Running To-Do List

Use the Boho Rainbow To-Do List to keep those thoughts organized. Instead of sticky notes all over the place, have a permanent spot to record tasks that need to get done.

Classroom expectations and musts for back-to-school - a to-do list for teachers.
A to-do list will help keep things organized so you can focus on classroom expectations.

Use a Digital Checklist

The school requires a checklist for students. You have to keep track of forms they bring in, who has completed certain assessments and assignments, who brought their lunch, who is present, and more. Use this Digital Checklist to keep everything organized.

classroom expectations - student checklist
This student checklist will help keep you organized all year long.

Keep Lesson Plans Organized

Lesson planning can be a headache, but it can be simple if you have the correct forms. Use these Hey Lisa! Classroom Forms to organize weekly plans, transportation notes, and goals for each day of the week. Print many copies or laminate them so you can change things weekly.

classroom expectations - lesson planning and transportation
Set goals and expectations for students using these organized plans.

Use Ready-Made Classroom Decor

Using a ready-made Classroom Decor Bundle can make classroom organization and display of expectations easier. The Boho Daisy Classroom Decor Bundle has hundreds of pages of printables to decorate bulletin boards, organize bins and carts, keep lesson plans in tip-top shape, and show students where to go during centers.

Classroom Decor Themes - full bundle - classroom expectations.
The Boho Daisy Classroom Decor Themes are so calming in the classroom.

Check out my Classroom Decor options in my shop if you want a different design.

If you aren’t sure where to start, I have several shopping guides to help you. These FREE guides will help you easily choose matching borders and displays.

I hope these tips help you ease into the next school year. Whether you are a seasoned teacher or a new teacher just dipping your toes in the water, classroom expectations are a must. Always remember you are amazing, and those kids love you! Thank you for all that you do in this field!

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Classroom expectations and musts for back-to-school - pin
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