7 Essential Classroom Procedures to Implement with the Boho Daisy Decor Bundle

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Classroom procedures and routines help students feel stable in their classrooms. Use these tips to start the year right or reset throughout as needed!

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The start of the school year can be extremely chaotic! One way to make things easier in the fall is setting up classroom procedures, rules, and routines that kids can rely on. As crazy as it sounds, kids thrive on consistency! They go a little stir-crazy when they aren’t sure what will happen next.

Rules and routines don’t have to be implemented at the start of the year. They can also be added during the year as you notice kids getting off track. Resetting after a holiday or weekend can lead kids to success.

Whether you’re setting up your room for a new set of students or need to perform a factory reset, these resources and tips can help!

Create a Consistent Morning Arrival Routine

A consistent morning routine helps students transition smoothly from home life to their school atmosphere. This routine in their schedule can reduce anxiety, set a positive tone for the day, and help them understand what is expected of them as soon as they enter the classroom.

Use a visual chart to outline steps for morning arrival. Include activities such as hanging up their backpacks, tucking away lunchboxes, marking home or school lunch, and beginning a morning work activity. Display the Class Schedule so they always know what comes next.

Classroom procedures - schedule
A daily schedule helps classroom procedures during back to school and beyond.

Implement Classroom Jobs

Classroom jobs teach responsibility and teamwork among students. They also give young students a sense of ownership and pride in their classroom. This, in turn, helps them develop important life skills, such as community!

Set up a Classroom Jobs chart to show students the daily and weekly tasks. Assign jobs such as line leader, door holder, table cleaner, and light operator. Rotate them regularly so each child has a turn to participate and contribute.

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Add classroom jobs to your classroom procedures to build community!

Make Students Aware of Noise Level

Managing noise levels in the classroom allows kids to focus better, allowing teachers time and patience to teach. If students are loud and unfocused, no one can learn. Voice Level Posters show students how loud they can be during each time period of the day.

Display voice-level posters to ensure students know how quietly they should converse during lessons while working with groups or when entering the room.

Classroom procedures - voice level posters Boho Daisy
Voice-level posters add a positive spin to classroom procedures. They keep everyone on task and working quietly.

Utilize a Behavior Chart for Classroom Management

Children thrive on different forms of classroom management. One way to ensure kids are doing as they should is to use a behavior chart to track their progress throughout the day. Keep in mind that positive reinforcement is always best when it comes to classroom management.

A Behavior Chart can help students visualize their day and see where they need to improve. If their clip hasn’t moved up all day, they might consider following the rules better or being more helpful.

Classroom procedures - behavior chart
A behavior chart is a fabulous addition to your classroom procedures during BTS.

Lay Out the Classroom Rules & Expectations Early

Implement classroom rules and expectations from day one. You may have to build on these statements as the year goes on. Start with a few super important rules and build on them as students mature during the year.

Classroom Rules & Expectations will ensure that students follow the rules all day long. Whenever students need a reminder, refer to the posters and charts. If you have the time, it’s a good idea to refresh their memories weekly!

Classroom procedures - class rules
Display classroom rules and expectations as part of your back-to-school classroom procedures.

Show Kids How to Express Levels of Understanding

Each kid learns at a different pace. Some students may understand a concept, while others need extra practice to master the skill. Giving them a way to express this to you without being called out is a sensitive way to build classroom community and inclusion.

Use Levels of Understanding Posters to show kids how to share what they know. Kids can hold a thumb up if they are good at the skill, a thumb to the side if they need more help, and a thumb down if they don’t understand. Some teachers have kids hold their hands up during lessons, others have the kids close their eyes while everyone shares their hand signals.

Classroom procedures - levels of understanding
Set up levels of understanding to check out what kids know!

Teach Kids How to Use a Hall Pass

Hall passes are used in many schools to allow students to walk the halls safely. They allow kids to run to the restroom throughout the day or to walk to the library for a book they need for research. There are other reasons kids may need to be in the hallway during class, and this ensures they aren’t wandering about without a purpose.

If you have a reason students will need to be out in the hallway, let them use classroom Hall Passes for safety. Explain how these resources are to be used and not mistreated. Use passes with different labels so other teachers and adults know where the kids are headed.

Classroom procedures - hall passes Boho Daisy
These Boho Daisy Hall Passes are a great addition to your classroom procedures!

Grab the Boho Daisy Bundle

By integrating these procedures with the Boho Daisy Bundle’s charming visuals and themes, you can create a warm, inviting, and well-organized classroom that supports students in developing essential habits and routines.

The bundle has everything you need to decorate your classroom in a cohesive way! One download for all of the classroom procedure essentials and more.

If no one has told you recently, you are an incredible teacher. Those kids love you, and you are doing your best!

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