Add Some Flower Power to Your Gradebook: Students Will Love it

Add some flower power to your gradebook students will love it

Add this editable gradebook students will love to your classroom tools this school year and for future years.

Add some flower power to your gradebook students will love it

In the early years of teaching, I would use one of those old-school paper gradebooks to track my students’ scores. I had to write student names at least 1,000 times (not really, but you know what I mean). It was a hassle and so time-consuming!

I knew there had to be a better way to keep track of student grades without losing my mind. I created editable grade book options and want to share them with the teaching world.

Ways to Use the Gradebook

A gradebook isn’t only for tracking student grades; it can also be used to track daily classroom tasks and routines. The class roster can be printed to track daily attendance and lunch counts. If your school has a cafeteria, use the printable forms to track who will need lunch each day.

The class list is also a great way to keep track of forms at the beginning of the year. Students have supply lists and forms to turn in, so use the class rosters to check off when students complete each task.

Use the class rosters to track:

  • who has attended a conference
  • which students have done show and tell already
  • who is present or absent
  • grades and scores
  • students who are attending a field trip
  • and more!

Use the Printable PDF Gradebook

The Boho Daisy Editable Gradebook has multiple options to meet your needs. The first version is a printable PDF. This ready-to-print version requires no work on the front end. Print the blank forms and use your favorite pen or pencil to fill in names and grades during the year.

Some teachers prefer this method, so I wanted to make it an option. It’s convenient to have the papers right there on your desk or teacher table to jot down as you teach and assess.

Boho Daisy Gradebook students love
The ready-made PowerPoints allow you to print gradebook students pages for your generic subjects and tasks.

Utilize the Editable PowerPoint Gradebook

The editable PowerPoint is cool because you can customize the headers and sub-headers and add student names by typing them. It’s a little easier than writing each name by pen multiple times.

The editable fields include the headers and spaces for student names. There are options for full-page grade books or half-pages. Print the pages and write the grades as you teach and assess!

Boho Daisy Gradebook students love
Customize the gradebook students fields to match your subjects, specials, lunch needs, and more!

Try the Auto-Fill Options for Easier Grading

If you have never tried an auto-fill document, you need to try! They are game-changers! I was in awe the first time I tried one, and I haven’t looked back.

Essentially, the document’s first page is where you type in each child’s name. Typically, you must type the child’s name again on the second page, the third, and the fourth. You get the idea, right?

With auto-fill forms, that first page is linked to each preceding page, so you don’t have to type their name again! Genius! Once you have auto-filled all the pages, print them off and you are ready to write grades as you teach and assess.

You will need Adobe Reader to utilize this tool, but their website has a free version. Many schools also offer a subscription to the program.

Boho Daisy Gradebook students love
Create gradebook students templates for every subject and assignment throughout the whole year!

Grab the Boho Daisy Classroom Bundle

The Boho Daisy Classroom Bundle is your key to success in the classroom because it’s adorable and offers so many resources to make life easier for teachers. There are 5000+ pages of decor and useful organizational posters to print and use.

Here are beginning-of-the-year resources, such as classroom schedules, meet-the-teacher forms, supply labels, and posters for every subject.

There are organizational posters for library bins, binders, and teacher desk tools. A teacher planner, calendar, and desktop background are also available. These are just some resources, so check out the shop preview to see everything!

Classroom Decor Themes - full bundle - classroom expectations.
The Boho Daisy Classroom Decor Themes are so calming in the classroom.

I hope the Boho Daisy Gradebook Students Resource is a game-changer for you and your classroom. You are an amazing teacher, please don’t ever forget that.

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Add some flower power to your gradebook students will love it
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