5 Hacks to Add Fancy Classroom Borders the Easy Way

Add fancy classroom borders to your room.

Hey fellow teachers! See if you can relate to this! Every year, I arm myself with the seemingly simple task of decorating my bulletin board. I gather my colorful borders and crafty cutouts and try to align the corners perfectly. I get lost in the stickiness of tape and get frustrated when the corners don’t quite meet. Something is always off and I recruit the help of a fellow teacher to make things right! Over the years, I have found a few tried and true ways to put up classroom borders without the hassle. I figured I should share them with you!

Simple classroom borders plus tips and tricks.

As elementary school teachers, we know that making your classroom warm and inviting is crucial. Bulletin board classroom borders can be the perfect finishing touch to your classroom decor, but putting them up can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. In this blog post, we’ll explore five unique hacks to make the process of hanging up classroom borders a breeze, saving you time and energy while ensuring your displays look absolutely adorable. Let’s dive into these innovative ideas that will help you achieve that perfect classroom look and rank for the keyword “classroom borders.”

Make Use of Magnetic Magic

Say goodbye to tape and staples! Utilize magnetic strips or adhesive magnetic tape to attach your borders. They’ll effortlessly stick to metal surfaces like whiteboards or magnetic chalkboards. This makes installation a breeze and allows for easy adjustment if you ever need to change your display.

This Groovy Spring Bulletin Board Kit comes with everything you need to decorate the walls or your classroom. The pennants make great classroom borders and can be reused each year. If you place this display on your whiteboard, put pieces of magnetic tape on the back of the cutouts so they go up easily.

Use simple classroom borders that make teacher life easier!
Use simple classroom borders that make teacher life easier!

Use Double-Sided Tape to Your Delight

Double-sided tape is your secret weapon. Apply it to the back of your border before you start, ensuring a secure and uniform adhesion to the bulletin board. This hack creates a clean and professional look while making replacing or switching out borders easier. This is perfect for those who like to change bulletin boards monthly!

Try this hack for a space where you don’t have a bulletin board as well!


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Did You Know Fabric is an Option?

Why not consider fabric borders? They’re not only durable but also incredibly easy to install. Glue the fabric border onto your bulletin board with glue or adhesive velcro strips. This method adds texture and a touch of uniqueness to your classroom design. Many teachers use a neutral color to keep the fabric there all year and add the bulletin classroom borders throughout the year.

Use a Retro Christmas Bulletin Board with Classroom Borders to make the room pop! The little lights are great for bulletin boards, doorways, or along any wall. If you’re super crafty, cut lights out of different pieces of fabric for some added texture.

Fun classroom borders for the classroom
These simple classroom borders make it easy to decorate any wall in the room.

Prep Some Pre-Made Paper Chains

Let’s get creative with paper chains! Instead of a single border strip, create paper chains by linking strips together in a pattern. Hang the chains from the top of the bulletin board and let them cascade down, whimsically framing your displays. It’s a time-saving yet eye-catching solution, and kids can get in on the action if you need something for them to work on. It’s the perfect fast-finisher activity when you have nothing else on deck.

This Christmas Classroom Border is perfect for winter and you can easily add a paper chain to countdown the days until the holidays.

Add Those Corner Caps and Decorative Elements

Add a professional touch to your bulletin board by using decorative corner caps. They not only secure the border but also provide a polished look. To make your display more appealing, incorporate charming, theme-related cutouts and embellishments for added flair. Many of my bulletin board kits have the fun elements you need to make your display amazing!

Try this “Let’s Grow Together” Fall Bulletin! It’s super simple to set up and leave up for a while!

Decorating your elementary school classroom with stunning bulletin board borders doesn’t have to be a tedious task. These five unique hacks will save you time and energy while ensuring your classroom displays look absolutely adorable. Whether you opt for magnetic solutions, double-sided tape, fabric borders, paper chains, or decorative embellishments, these creative techniques will help your classroom look its best all year round. Happy decorating!

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Add fancy classroom borders to your room.
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