6 Secrets to Slides Google Templates That Make Classroom Life Easier

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Google Slides is a versatile tool that lower elementary teachers can use to make classroom management easier and more engaging. By harnessing the power of Google Slides templates, you can streamline your daily routines, enhance learning experiences, and keep your young students excited about their classroom activities. Let’s explore creative ideas and practical tips on how to use Slides Google templates for various purposes in your lower elementary classroom. Whether you want to facilitate transitions, conduct morning meetings, provide instructions, or teach concepts, this post has you covered. Continue reading to learn more!

Slides Google templates are an easy way to make class routines flow nicely.

Seamless Transitions

Smooth transitions are essential in any lower elementary classroom. Slides Google templates offer can help you maintain a structured environment while keeping the little ones engaged. Here are some ideas:

  • Countdown Timers: Use Google Slides to display countdown timers for transitioning between activities. This adds an element of fun and urgency while helping students understand how much time they have left for a task.
  • Visual Schedules: Create visual schedules with Google Slides to show students what’s coming next. Using pictures and icons, make it easy for young learners to understand the daily routine.

Learn how to add timers to your Google Slides by watching the video below!

If you want slides with timers already embedded, check out the link at the bottom of this post!

Interactive Morning Meetings

Morning meetings set a positive tone for the day and help build a strong classroom community. Google Slides templates can make these gatherings interactive and engaging. The slides auto-save, making it easy to pick up where you left off each day.

  • Question of the Day: Each morning, present a question on a Google Slides template for students to answer. This encourages communication and helps them get to know their classmates.
  • Daily Weather and Calendar: Use Google Slides to display the weather forecast and calendar for the day. This fosters discussions about seasons, days of the week, and the weather.

Use this Editable Google Slides Template Bundle for the whole year. You’ll get a variety of themed slides along with seasonal slides to use during holidays and fun events. These slides do not have timers and are Google Slide compatible.

Fun slides Google Templates for any classroom.
Use slides Google templates to start the morning right.

Displaying Information and Instructions

Google Slides can serve as a handy platform for conveying important information and instructions to your students. Use the slides to introduce a topic or go over rules at the start of the day.

  • Classroom Rules: Create slides outlining your classroom rules and expectations. You can also add images or icons for visual learners.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions: Break down instructions into a series of slides for assignments or activities. Include text, images, and even voice recordings to ensure clarity.
Fun slides Google Templates for the classroom editable
These slides Google templates are perfect for teaching any concept.

Teaching Concepts

Google Slides templates are a valuable tool for delivering lessons and teaching various concepts in a fun and engaging way. You can drag and drop items, play videos, use fun clipart, and more!

  • Interactive Lessons: Design interactive lessons using Google Slides, which allow students to click, drag, or type responses directly onto the slides.
  • Storytelling: Utilize Google Slides for digital storytelling. Have students create their own stories, add images, and practice reading aloud.
Fun slides Google Templates for the classroom - display announcements
Grab these slides to make announcements, tell stories, teach lessons, and more.

Centers and Rotations

For organizing centers and rotations, Google Slides can be a game-changer. Display the names of groups and the next rotations on the board so students always know where to go. No more directing traffic; just watch them go where they need to!

  • Rotation Schedules: Create rotation schedules with Google Slides, including time slots and designated activities. This keeps everyone on track.
  • Center Instructions: Have a separate Google Slides template for each center with instructions and materials to ensure smooth transitions and independence.
Fun slides Google Templates for the classroom - choice board
Allow students to choose their center or assign centers using the tables in the templates.

Collaborative Projects

Google Slides templates are excellent for fostering collaboration among students. The kids can work on digital assignments together using their own devices. Google allows students to see the work going on in a live Google document or set of slides.

  • Group Projects: Divide your class into groups and assign each group a slides Google template. This encourages teamwork and creative thinking.
  • Digital Art Gallery: Create a class art project by allowing each student to contribute a slide with their artwork. Showcase their work in a virtual art gallery.
Fun slides Google Templates for the elementary classroom.
The slides Google templates are extremely versatile!

Besides using Google Slides, you can easily use PowerPoint slides to display the same information. Use these PowerPoint Timer Slides to display morning meetings, keep track of centers, convey important information, and structure your small groups. Please note these are NOT compatible with Google Slides. Google Slides with timers are not compatible because some districts restrict videos. Since the timers are video files, this causes issues for some users. 

Fun slides Google Templates for the classroom.
Grab the POWERPOINT slides with timers to track centers and more!

With slides Google templates, lower elementary teachers can simplify classroom management and create a more engaging learning environment. From transitions and morning meetings to instructional content and collaborative projects, Google Slides can be a versatile asset in your teaching toolkit. By utilizing these tips, you can make your classroom life easier while keeping your young learners excited about their educational journey. Start exploring the endless possibilities of the Google Slides templates today, and watch your classroom come alive with creativity and learning!

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picture of and example of google slides templates for slides google blog post
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