Easy and Enjoyable Classroom Decorations and Activities for St. Patrick’s Day

Activities for St. Patrick's Day that kids will love! - a pin

St. Patrick’s Day may be a minor holiday compared to the ones that pop up in the wintertime, but it’s such a fun time to celebrate spring and all the fun things to come. March is the perfect time of year to engage students with one another using fun activities for St. Patrick’s Day. Show them how lucky they are to have you as a teacher and vice versa, using some cute ideas below.

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Activities for St. Patrick's Day that kids will love!

Create a Fun St. Patrick’s Day Bulletin Board with the Kids

Get students involved in decorating using a fun bulletin board kit like this Leprechaun one. Each student gets to put their smiling face onto a leprechaun body they decorate. I like to laminate the projects so they can take them home when we are done using the bulletin board.

So many students come from homes that don’t have tons of pictures around the house. Use this activity as an opportunity to spark some classroom community and show every student that they matter in your eyes.

Activities for St. Patrick's Day t- a fun bulletin board
This fun bulletin board is a must for your activities for St. Patrick’s Day this year.

The bulletin board kit comes with the craft template, border pieces, St. Patrick’s Day decorations, and much more. You will love displaying this “One Lucky Teacher” bulletin board in the hall for others to see.

Watch this fun TikTok to see how it’s done!

Show Activities for St. Patrick’s Day on Powerpoints and Google Slides Templates

One of the easiest ways to display the day’s activities for St. Patrick’s Day is by putting them on Powerpoint or Google slides. This makes it easy to introduce kids to the day’s events and to keep everyone on task.

Activities for St. Patrick's Day - more Google Slides
Use these Google Slides to display activities for St. Patrick’s Day.

The best part about these PowerPoint and Google slides is that they are St. Patrick’s Day themed. Make March super fun (and easy) by prepping everything on these slides. Kids will never question what is happening because you will always have it up on the board.

Use the slides to display morning meeting notes, reminders, centers, the agenda, links for math, reading, writing, etc., and choice boards! Everything you need to have a successful month of March is included in this download.

Activities for St. Patrick's Day - Google Slides
Use these Powerpoint Slides to display activities for St. Patrick’s Day.

Use Timers to Rotate Through St. Patrick’s Day Activities

If you set timers in the classroom as I do, you’ll want to use these St. Patrick’s Day slides with timers. They make it easy to keep kids engaged and on task between each activity. First, list the materials needed and expectations for your activities for St. Patrick’s Day (and the entire month). Then, use the timers to keep everyone on track because I know it’s so easy to lose track of time when you’re having fun in the classroom.

Use the timers to:

  • keep track of time during activities
  • keep track of time during independent work
  • keep track of time during group work
  • structure small groups and alert us when it’s time to switch groups
  • organize virtual meeting wait slides

They are the perfect classroom management tool for any time of year and any grade level.

Activities for St. Patrick's Day - slides with timers!
The timers on these slides are the perfect way to keep kids on task during activities for St. Patrick’s Day.

Send out Themed Newsletters for St. Patrick’s Day

Notifying parents at home is one of the best ways to keep the community up in and out of the classroom. Boring black-and-white newsletters go unnoticed, but these colorful St. Patrick’s Day newsletters will catch adults’ eyes when they peek into their student’s backpacks.

With these beautiful templates, keep parents and guardians updated on school events, what kids are learning, and essential information throughout March. The editable templates make it easy to list current sight words, upcoming quizzes, and so much more.

Activities for St. Patrick's Day - fun newsletters
Kids and parents will love the St. Patrick’s Day-themed newsletters!

Grab this FREE Pot of Gold Activity for St. Patrick’s Day

I love hearing how lucky students feel in their lives. Use this free pot of gold activity to help kids brainstorm fun ways they are lucky. Give them as many coins as you would like and display their completed artwork around the room for everyone to see. It’s so much fun to see how each child feels lucky in a different way.

If you have the time, let kids share what they wrote or drew in their pot of gold to end each day during the week of St. Patrick’s Day. Join our Freebie Vault to get access!

Activities for St. Patrick's day freebie
Grab this fun activity for St. Patrick’s Day from the freebie vault!
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Activities for St. Patrick's Day that kids will love! - a pin
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