How To Increase Student Engagement with a Fun Classroom Timer and Slides

Add these fun classroom timers to your daily routine.

As a teacher, I’m sure you strive to have a calm and collected classroom atmosphere. Of course, some classes are more rambunctious than others, but there’s always a way to help the entire class focus, stay calm, and work together as a team. Using a fun classroom timer and themed slides allows the day to flow smoothly. Find out how you can use them in your classroom by reading below.

Add a fun classroom timer to your daily routine.

Google Slides With Routines Show Kids Exactly What Each Day Will Bring

Many teachers find that displaying the day’s events on the board helps students absorb what will happen. When they see each task listed, they are more motivated to get work done and always know what to expect. Of course, you won’t hear, “What are we doing?” quite as much. But let’s be honest; they’re young and will still ask.

Add a fun classroom timer to your daily routine.
These Google Slides are a great way to keep kids on task.

Use these beautiful Spring Google Slides Templates to set your kids up for daily success. They are perfect for:

  • Displaying the day’s agenda
  • Showing any assignments
  • Giving a week at a glance
  • Preparing students for weekly assignments
  • Tools shelves for math, reading, writing, science, and more
  • Choice boards
  • Displaying groups for centers
  • Welcome back slides
  • Parent information slides for open house or orientation
  • Important dates
  • Class Rules
  • Procedures
  • Meet the teacher
  • About me
  • Syllabus
  • Greeting slides for the day
  • Supplies
  • Motivational quotes
  • Questions of the day
  • Jokes
  • and so much more
Add a fun classroom timer to your daily routine.
Create a choice board with or without a fun classroom timer to prepare your centers.

The best way to use classroom slides is to have everything prepped beforehand. Then, if you can prepare all your slides for the entire month, you only have to pull them up when the time arises.

Add a fun classroom timer to your daily routine.
Show students what to expect for the week using these fun slides.

Remind students of the classroom rules and procedures daily. Then, do a quick review of them using the slides so they understand the expectations for each day.

Add these fun classroom timers to your daily routine.
Add journal prompts throughout the day to keep kids on task.

Utilize Voice-Level Posters to Keep the Classroom Calm

Kids tend to get excited, and their voices rise; before you know it, everyone is talking, creating chaos in the classroom. If you haven’t used them before, try using Voice-Level Posters to show students how the classroom should sound at different times.

How do you use voice-level posters? They are pretty simple. The signs display numbers 0-4, each representing a voice level to be used in the classroom. A voice level of 0 means no talking or silence. A voice level of 1 indicates a whisper voice. 2 represents a regular talking voice, and 3 means a strong presentation voice everyone can hear. A voice-level 4 means outdoor voice (mainly used at recess).

Add these fun classroom timers and voice level posters to your daily routine.
Kids will love these voice-level posters on top of a fun classroom timer.

Add a Fun Classroom Timer to Google Slides Presentations to Keep Things Running Smoothly

Whether you use an egg timer, your Apple watch, or a timer on the computer, a fun classroom timer is a fantastic way to keep kids on task. It’s easy to lose time while teaching or working in small groups. Setting a timer will remind students (and yourself) when it’s time to clean up and rotate or prepare for the next activity.

Add a fun classroom timer to your daily routine.
Google Slides with a fun classroom timer are a great way to start each lesson.

Use these Spring Powerpoint Timer Slides to keep things running smoothly as you teach and conduct centers. There are 13 different templates for spring with 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30-minute timers. The slides also have moveable materials clipart to set kids up for success with their tools. The 100+ slides are a fantastic classroom resource for any grade level.

Add a fun classroom timer to your daily routine.
Show students daily expectations using Google Slides with a fun classroom timer for centers.

Watch this fun video to learn how to add timers to Google Slides presentations and use them in your classroom.

If you want the activities in your classroom to flow smoothly, incorporate a fun classroom timer, slides, and voice-level posters to remind students of classroom rules and procedures. I hope these resources and ideas help you and your students!

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Add these fun classroom timers to your daily routine.
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