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3 “In Person” Back to School Tips – Covid 19 Edition

I engage with a LOT of teachers through my Instagram following, and a recurring theme I am seeing is…..


And with good reason.  Back to School this year is different from anything we have ever had to experience before.  We are literally reinventing education in so many ways.  

If you are returning to the classroom, you may be excited and fearful at the same time.  It is completely understandable, and I hope you know you are not alone, friend. 

I wanted to offer you three tips that might slow that racing mind of yours and make your life a little easier for you and your students.

1. Make a To-Do List

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This is more of a blanket solution to the whole “stressed out” problem.  I find that when I am overwhelmed, getting everything out of my head and on to some paper helps me out.  It also organizes my crazy thoughts, and helps me come up with a plan of how I can conquer the craziness. Grab this free to-do list template in the members only section of my website.  Not a member yet, sign up for free!

Are your thoughts more related to the what ifs?  I suggest writing these feelings down on paper too!  Then, write down some facts that could possibly debunk the “what ifs” or catastrophizing you are doing in your mind. (Disclaimer — I am no therapist, but I am a worry wart who often thinks of the worst… and this helps me!)

2. Normalize the Mask 

Students color and fold this fun, back to school activity!

It breaks my heart to see my little first graders having to keep a mask on at their desks all day. This isn’t normal for them, but it is going to have to be their “new normal” for a while.  I suggest “normalizing the mask” the best you can!  Purchase fun prints for your teacher mask and switch it up when you can.  I also have this back to school activity that allows the students to list and/or write about their amazing qualities “Behind the Mask.” Grab this resource by clicking here.

3. Keep Routines the Same When You Can

Let’s face it.. Returning to school will be different, but you can still provide your kiddos with routines, and routines are helpful to all of us!  Try to keep “mask breaks,” restroom breaks, activities, and everyday tasks as routine as possible.  Yes, they may look different, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be fun.   I just added these Social Distancing Morning Greetings to my store.  The kids will choose how they would like to greet you each morning and you can respond — no physical contact required! 😉 

The final thing I want to mention….. Relax!  We will get through this.  Push perfectionism aside for a little while, and just do the best you can. 

Sending you lots of love and light, friend.  We can do this!! 

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