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Decorating your classroom is more than just a way to brighten up the space; it’s a powerful tool that can enhance the learning environment for both students and teachers. If you’re a teacher of preschool, kindergarten, first grade, or second grade, you know the importance of creating an inviting and stimulating classroom. Keep reading to find some amazing classroom decoration ideas for preschool and beyond!

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Why Use Classroom Decoration Ideas for Preschool and Kindergarten?

Classroom decor has many benefits, including creating a welcoming environment. A well-decorated classroom can make students feel more comfortable and excited to learn. Bright colors and engaging visuals turn a plain room into a learning hub!

Great classroom decor also enhances learning! Visual aids and attractive displays can be fantastic learning tools. They help reinforce concepts and make learning more engaging. These reference points are helpful to young learners.

Decor can be used to promote and encourage positive behavior in the classroom. Visual schedules, reward charts, and behavior management displays can provide clear expectations and help students stay on track.

A beautifully decorated classroom can inspire creativity and imagination in young students. Themed decor can spark curiosity and encourage students to explore new ideas about the themes they see up on the walls!

10 & 12 Drawer Cart Labels

Use Bright & Happy Drawer Cart Labels to make your organization bright and inviting. The cute labels will show students where to find work. They decorate nicely in the corner while holding your lesson plans and extra materials.

Classroom decoration ideas for preschool - drawer cart
Organize the classroom with these fun Drawer Cart Labels.

Bright Affirmation Station

Set up a fun Bright & Happy Affirmation Station to remind students how amazing they are. Let them use this space daily to repeat mantras and sayings that lift their spirits. These phrases will quickly become routine as they start each day.

Classroom decoration ideas for preschool - affirmation
Encourage students to speak to themselves in a positive light with this Affirmation Station Kit.

Cute Alphabet Posters

The classroom decoration ideas for preschool wouldn’t be complete without Alphabet Posters! Adorn preschool and kindergarten walls with these bright posters that feature each letter of the alphabet, including cursive fonts and ASL options!

Classroom decoration ideas for preschool - alphabet
The Bright and Happy Alphabet Posters are a real treat for any classroom.

Fun Birthday Displays

Kids love seeing their birthdays up on the wall! Use the Bright and Happy Birthday Printables to display each of their birth dates. The cute flower pots are a happy home for each child’s flower. Print them on study cardstock, laminate them, and use them repeatedly.

Classroom decoration ideas for preschool - birthday
Students will love seeing their birth dates up on the Birthday Chart!

Calm Down Corner

Some students need a space to cool down when their emotions are high. A Calm Down Corner Kit is a wonderful tool for this. It creates a place in the classroom that facilitates appropriate behaviors when a student feels overwhelmed, upset, or overstimulated.

Classroom decoration ideas for preschool - calm down
This Bright and Happy Calm Down Corner teaches students how to calm down.

Growth Mindset Powers

Use Boho Daisy Growth Mindset Posters to motivate students to grow and learn each year. The positive spirit on the posters will encourage students in the right direction. These will teach them to truly be kind to their mind.

Classroom decoration ideas for preschool - positive posters
Build positivity with this Growth Mindset Display!

Create Classroom Jobs

Boho Daisy Classroom Jobs are an easy way to build community and encourage students to work together with their peers. Each child is given a simple job to complete daily or weekly, making the cogs of the classroom wheel spin effortlessly.

Classroom decoration ideas for preschool - class jobs
Children love having a job so they can help out. Display their jobs with this job chart!

Classroom Transportation Display

Pin up a Boho Daisy “How We Go Home Dismissal Chart” to show other teachers, substitutes, and staff how each child should be safely home. Put clips or pins on the display to show where each child goes when the school day is over.

Classroom decoration ideas for preschool - dismissal
Show kids how they go home each day with this dismissal chart. It’s great for kids of all ages.

Boho Daisy Calendar

A Boho Daisy Calendar is a great way to start each day. The cute daisies and muted colors create a calm atmosphere in the primary classroom. Place the calendar on the whiteboard or a pocket chart every morning.

Classroom decoration ideas for preschool - calendar
Kids will enjoy learning the date with this cute daily calendar!

Adorable Daily Schedule

Each classroom has a routine. Display that routine using a Boho Daisy Daily Schedule. It will show students where they will go and what they will do during each block of the day. They will appreciate knowing the ins and outs of the day.

Classroom decoration ideas for preschool - daily schedule
Add adorable classroom decor like the daily schedule to excite preschool and kindergarten students.

Classroom Decor Bundles

Imagine walking into your classroom at the start of the school year. The walls are filled with cheerful, colorful displays that capture the attention and imagination of your students. Bulletin boards are attractive and functional, with educational content supporting your curriculum. The Bright and Happy Bulletin Board Decor Bundle and the Boho Daisy Bulletin Decor Bundle make this vision a reality.

These bundles are designed to save you time and money while providing high-quality, engaging decor to make your classroom a joyful learning place. Whether you’re decorating for the first day of school, updating your seasonal displays, or creating a cozy reading nook, these resources have you covered.

Incorporating fun and functional decor into your classroom doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right tools and resources, you can create an environment that supports learning, encourages positive behavior, and inspires creativity. Have fun with it!

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