Don’t Miss These 6 Bulletin Board Classroom Ideas for the Full Year

Bulletin Board Classroom Ideas

Bulletin boards are one of the easiest ways to draw students in, display important details on the wall, and make kids feel welcome! Use these bulletin board classroom ideas to spark creativity and motivation among students.

Bulletin Board Classroom Ideas

I personally love to switch up the wall decor in the classroom each season just to keep things fresh. Seeing bright new colors every couple of months gives everyone an attitude boost. The problem is that it requires time, effort, and money to switch decor out so often.

This Full-Year Bulletin Board Decor Bundle has everything you need to decorate your walls for each year’s season. It simplifies your life!

Bulletin Board Classroom Letters

Printable bulletin board letters allow teachers to put up any phrase on the walls alongside student work. They make fabulous headers for any time of year. Each season has 3 different designs for the uppercase and lowercase letters!

Classroom bulletin board ideas - lowercase letters
Use the Fall Lowercase Letters to decorate walls in September and October!

The warm colors aren’t too hard on the eyes and tie into any theme. The numerous options will coordinate well with any classroom decor out there.

Classroom bulletin board - uppercase
The Summer Uppercase Letters are so much fun. They will brighten any classroom they are in.

Classroom Posters

Motivate students with seasonal classroom posters. You will find 8 posters for each season. The sayings match the season and encourage students to work hard in everything they do.

Display them around the room, on the bulletin board, or in a motivational space. A fun Affirmation Station might nicely house these fun posters. They will remind students how awesome they are and push them to accomplish great things.

Classroom bulletin board - posters
Motivate kids around Christmastime using these red and green posters!

Seasonal Bulletin Boards

Swap out bulletin boards each season and holiday to make kids smile. The 9 themes make it easy to inspire students all year and to display their work. It builds classroom community and makes everyone feel at home.

Classroom bulletin board - pumpkin spice bulletin
If you like pumpkin spice, you will love this Fall Bulletin Board Decor!

Each bulletin board option allows students to decorate their own little craft. Print their faces to make the crafts more personalized. These activities build classroom community and help the kids feel welcome in the classroom.

Bulletin board classroom ideas - frog valentine
Use smiling faces with this February Craft & Bulletin Board to make kids feel welcome!

Door Decor

Welcome the kids to the room using themed displays and student names. You can use one theme for the year or swap them out each month. They come with cute little sayings and door decks for each child.

Bulletin Board Classroom - Door decor halloween
The Halloween Door Decor has adorable ghosts and fall flowers to welcome students into the room.

Laminate the pieces for the names and use them year after year. You won’t have to reprint them; just write on them with Sharpie and wipe them clean using hand sanitizer or a Magic Eraser for the new year!

Daily Digital Slides

The morning time is the most important part of the day. The way you start it with kids sets the foundation for the day. Use daily slides to welcome them, give them instructions, remind them of the day’s events, and send them on their way when the day ends.

Bulletin Board Classroom - daily slides winter
These winter slides will make kids feel warm and cozy during the chilly months in the classroom.

These are compatible with Google Slides but can also be presented in PowerPoint!

Seasonal Newsletters

Capture the attention of parents using brightly colored and interesting newsletters. Instead of using one template for the full year, swap them out so parents actually read them once they are home. They will appreciate the themes on the fridge or corkboard at home for important reminders and events.

Classroom bulletin board - newsletter
Bring in some spring with these floral Spring Newsletters. Tell parents everything they need to know for the month!

The headers have generic options, as well as grade-specific templates for all elementary schools.

Year Long Bulletin Board Classroom Decor

You won’t want to miss this cool bundle! The Year Long Classroom Decor Bundle comes with 9 themes, including:

  • Fall Decor Essentials
  • Halloween Decor Essentials
  • Thanksgiving Decor Essentials
  • Holiday Decor Essentials
  • Winter Decor Essentials
  • Valentine’s Day Decor Essentials
  • St Patrick’s Day Decor Essentials
  • Spring Decor Essentials
  • Summer Decor Essentials

Each season has bulletin board decor, door decor, bulletin board letters, classroom posters, digital slides, and newsletters. You save money when you purchase the bundle instead of the individual pieces. Kids will enjoy all of the cool themes, sayings, and decor!

Year-long classroom bundle - bulletin board classroom
The Year Long Bundle has you covered for decor and daily routines!

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I hope these resources help you continue to be the amazing teacher that you are and inspire your creative side as you teach the young minds in the classroom!

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Bulletin Board Classroom Ideas
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