Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff! Put Bulletin Board Letters Up With 3 Easy Steps!

Simple ways to display Bulletin Board Letters

Have you ever wanted a simple solution for putting up bulletin board letters but don’t know where to start? I have the solution for you!

Bulletin Board Letters for all classrooms.

A few years ago, I was doing my classroom decor, and I couldn’t find any letters that matched my theme perfectly. My only solution was to use the dreaded die-cut machine. That thing was a pain! It took so much time, and I wanted to use my Cricut.

That’s when I figured out you could use printable letters! I could download letters, print them off, and put them on my wall. It saved me time and allowed me to choose the colors and styles I wanted, and they looked so much better than flimsy pieces of die-cut construction paper!

The solution is below if you want adorable bulletin board letters on your wall!

Cute March Bulletin Board Letters
Get creative with these lucky bulletin board letters for St. Patrick’s Day.

Reasons Bulletin Board Letters are Worth Using

If I haven’t convinced you yet, here are more reasons printable bulletin board letters are 100% worth it!

  1. They are time savers: Creating handcrafted bulletin board letters can be time-consuming. Printable letters allow teachers to quickly print out the letters they need without spending extra time cutting, tracing, or designing each letter individually.
  2. Printable letters keep it consistent: They ensure consistency in size, style, and appearance across all letters, making the bulletin board look neater and more professional.
  3. They provide fun variety: Printable letters come in various fonts, sizes, and colors, allowing teachers to choose the perfect style to match their bulletin board theme or classroom decor.
  4. Printable letters give you quick access: Teachers may not have access to fancy lettering tools or materials, but printable letters are accessible to anyone with a printer and paper, regardless of their artistic abilities or available resources.
  5. They make decorating flexible: Teachers can easily customize and personalize their bulletin boards by mixing and matching different letters to create unique messages, titles, or headers for classroom displays.
  6. The printable letters are durable: They can be printed on sturdy cardstock or laminated for added durability, ensuring they withstand the wear and tear of classroom use throughout the school year.
Cute Fall Bulletin Board Letters
These super fun fall bulletin board letters are a great way to start each fall season!

Ways to Use Printable Letters in the Classroom

You can use printable letters for virtually anything in the classroom. Here are some of my favorite ways to use them in our classroom!

Focus Walls: This space in the classroom gives students and teachers a reference point while practicing a skill. This wall may feature vocabulary words, anchor charts, topics of conversation, or essential lessons students are working on. They are usually visual aids, learning objectives, and even student work.

Cute February Bulletin Board Letters
Add these Valentine bulletin board letters to your wall in February.

Classroom Door Decor: I like to use letters to create a welcoming message on the door for students to see as they enter the room. We have even used the letters to introduce Student Greetings as they enter the room daily.

Fun Christmas Bulletin Board Letters
Kids will love the subtle Christmas bulletin board letters up on the wall.

Bulletin Board Decor: With every bulletin board comes an adorable saying! Use the letters to match your theme as you display student work or decorate with a seasonal decor piece. Having a cute message makes it inviting and cheerful for students.

Fun Winter Bulletin Board Letters
The winter bulletin letters are such a nice addition to your classroom walls.

Motivational Messages: If you have space on your walls, use your favorite bulletin board letters to spell out positive wording for kids. Leave the letters up all year or change them every quarter to encourage students to work hard and continue to be excellent.

Simple Spring Bulletin Board Letters
Brighten up your classroom with these spring bulletin board letters.

3 Easy Steps to Put Up Letters

I promise, using printable letters makes life so much easier! Here are the 3 simple steps to make gorgeous boards, door decks, and walls!

  1. Download the pre-made uppercase or lowercase letters below.
  2. Print them onto sturdy cardstock.
  3. Cut out your letters, and you’re done!

Optional step: laminate the letters for reuse and durability!

Cute Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Letters
Add some Thanksgiving class to your walls with these bulletin board letters.

A Bulletin Board Alphabet You Will Love

Now for the excellent news! I have Bulletin Board Letters for every season of the school year! I know, exciting! Each kit includes:

  • Uppercase letters A-Z
  • Lowercase letters a-z
  • Numbers 0-9
  • Special Characters
  • JPEG image files so you can use them on your Cricut if you wish
Adorable Halloween Bulletin Board Letters
Kids will go crazy over these cute Halloween bulletin board letters!

Choose from any of these options so far, or grab the Classroom Bundle for the Entire Year at a discounted price!

Having a printable bulletin board alphabet at your fingertips is a life-saver. I hope you can utilize these letters in your classroom and gain some time back. Have fun getting creative, and check back as I add monthly options to the bundle!

If you love these letters, you will love these classroom decorating options!

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Simple ways to display Bulletin Board Letters
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