Fun and Educational Activities on Earth Day to Teach Kids about the Environment

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Earth day is a wonderful time of year to remind yourself and your students how to take care of the environment. While planning your lessons, you might be looking for fun activities on Earth day that will leave an impact. There are tons of things that can be done in and out of the classroom that kids will enjoy. Here is a list of fun activities that you can use with your primary-grade students this year.

Continue reading to find some great activities that can easily be implemented this spring, and be sure to check out the Earth day craft that all kids will love.

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Teach Students about Recycling

An amazing way to teach students how they can care for the earth is by showing them how they can make an impact with their waste. Teach students about the importance of reducing our consumption, reusing materials we may normally throw away, and recycling waste products as much as possible.

Remind students that one amazing way to reduce our economic footprint is by turning off lights and electronics when we aren’t using them. We can also walk or bike to school or to local places instead of using our cars. This reduces the amount of energy we use and helps the environment.

Composting is another great topic to discuss with your students. Many love the idea of turning their edible waste into soil. They will gladly take part in the classroom and may even start the practice at home. You never know how far the lessons you teach will reach!

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Show students the correct way to recycle as one of the activities on Earth day.

Hold a Student Assembly on Recycling

If you are passionate about recycling and taking care of the earth, hold an assembly for the whole school. Students really get into taking care of the planet, and when the whole school is held accountable, everyone steps into action.

During this assembly, you might start a recycling club to motivate students to recycle their papers and materials instead of tossing them out. They may also be interested in a composting club and anything else related to taking care of the planet.

Connect with Nature

Birdseed Ornaments

Create birdseed ornaments using apples, peanut butter, and birdseed. Cut an apple into thin circles (they will almost look like donuts) and cover them in peanut butter and birdseed. Hang the ornaments from twine or yarn and place them outside on trees or near the building. Kids will get to watch the animals feeding on their creations.

Get Outside to Explore

One of the best ways to connect with nature and explore the world we need to take care of is to get outside. Let kids explore on the playground. They will find all sorts of creatures and plants to learn about. Let kids paint outside and take indoor activities outside!

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Activities on Earth day should include things outside as much as possible.

Plant Flowers or a Tree

If you are allowed, let students plant some new flowers or trees on campus if you are allowed. Your school may have a designated garden or space where things can be planted yearly.

Plant Seeds in Jars

If you can’t plant things outside, plant some small flowers or plants inside by growing them in shallow jars. Some seeds start in a wet paper towel and can be transferred home. Then, let the kids take their plants home to grow in their yards.

Activities on Earth Day - plant seeds
Add planting seeds to your list of activities on Earth day!

Create an Earth Day Writing Craft

I love completing a craft after studying a topic. This Earth Day Writing Craft is the perfect way to reflect on the ways we can help the planet and take care of the soil we live on. This Earth day craft is simple to prep and fun to put together. Kids write about Earth day using the blank writing prompt. The prompt is hidden behind the globe and looks fantastic hung on a bulletin board!

Activities on Earth Day - fun craft
Activities on Earth day should help kids think about theday’s importancey. Use this craft to remind students about those things.

All kids have to do for this craft is cut, paste, color the Earth, and attach it to their writing craft. Then, usee it to wrap up a unit on Earth day and to refresh students’ memories about how we can protect the planet we live on. Use markers, crayons, or colored pencils to make an adorable bulletin board display for spring.

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